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Anthony Venn-Brown discusses situational heterosexuality

Timothy Kincaid

April 5th, 2010

In a new commentary, Anthony Venn-Brown, an Australian survivor of ex-gay efforts, discusses the emotions and thinking behind a gay man living heterosexually.

We may wonder why ex-gays (for a while) joyously testify of their recovery. Anthony discusses how a deeply religious same-sex attracted man can convince himself of “change” and honestly believe that he is living the best possible life.

It’s not uncommon for men who have suppressed, denied and hated their same sex orientation to develop a sexual addiction or obsession. When they get married they have a sexual outlet which is free of shame and guilt and much more socially and religiously acceptable. This is a great relief for them to finally feel ‘normal’, ‘wholesome’ even ‘pure’. As one research project clearly pointed out they had had sex with 100’s men once and sex with one woman 100’s of times. It is easy to see how they and others confuse this new found experience with the opposite sex as evidence of change. They do however conveniently ignore the fact that any infidelity within the marriage would never happen with another female, it would only ever be with a man.