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Marriage equality causes even more drunk driving

Timothy Kincaid

August 20th, 2013

In August 2012, Maryland Rep. Don Dwyer (R – Anne Arundle), and ardent foe of equality, got liquored up and drove his boat into another craft, injuring two adults and four children. He blamed his drinking on feeling betrayed when other Republican delegates voted for marriage equality.

Well it turns out that marriage equality has long term effects. Because Dwyer is still hitting the bottle. (Sun)

Del. Don H. Dwyer Jr., who pleaded guilty earlier this year to boating while under the influence, was charged early Tuesday morning with driving while impaired by alcohol, according to Anne Arundel County Police.

A police officer who was driving a prisoner said he saw a vehicle “commit numerous traffic violations in a short period of time that posed an immediate safety risk for all other drivers” on Route 100 eastbound at Edwin Raynor Boulevard in Pasadena, according to a police report.

The officer wrote in the report that Dwyer had red, glossy eyes and a flushed face and his speech was slow and slurred. When Dwyer got out of the car, he was unstable and had trouble keeping his balance, according to the police report.

Dwyer was given a field sobriety test and had difficulty with the horizontal gaze tracking, a walk-and-turn and balancing on one leg, the officer wrote. Dwyer was arrested at 1:02 a.m. and taken to the Eastern District Police Station in Pasadena, where he refused to take a breath test for alcohol.

Police also found his registration was expired and suspended for emissions.

Dwyer had been sentenced to 30 days in jail, a $1,000 fine and a year of supervised probation but had appealed, hoping for leniency and to avoid the jail sentence. He’s to appear for re-sentencing on October 25th. I’m guessing, just guessing here, that Dwyer is going to really, really wish he’d settled for the original sentence.