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“Now you must raise your children up in a world where that union of man and box turtle is on the same legal footing as man and wife…”
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Jim Burroway

October 17th, 2012

He sees a surge…

Wow! Over the last few days, I’ve seen an incredible surge in donations to Public Advocate’s election season Battleground Action Initiative. But we still need to go further. Late Friday night, I authorized my staff to move forward with the most critical aspects of the program — even though we had not yet reached our fundraising goal.

And we are still short today…

I am trusting in you to come through in this dire hour. I’ve set a new deadline of midnight tonight for Public Advocate to raise as much as absolutely possible. I’ve already made many of the most important decisions, but I am expanding our program as the response continues to grow. The more you give, …

We interrupt this email to bring you news from another email that landed in my inbox.  DelGaudio, who serves on the Board of Supervisors for Loudon County, Virginia, is being investigated by his fellow supervisors over charges that he illegally used county staff paid by county taxpayers for his anti-gay fundraising activities. Another group in Loudoun County calling themselves Real Advocate PAC is concerned that the investigation by the all-Reoublican board will lead to a whitewash and cover-up. They have filed a lawsuit in Loudoun County District Court charging that county Chairman Scott York had documentary evidence of Delgaudio’s  illegal use of taxpayer money as far as last March and has been sitting on it until the Washington Post published their exposé. They are demanding that the information in York’s posession be made public. The court will hear the case on Wednesday, October 24.