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Paul Weyrich is Dead

Timothy Kincaid

December 18th, 2008

Paul Weyrich has always opposed all matters of equality for gay Americans. His activism was based not in idealism but in populism; his opposition was not based on principles but rather on biases and bigotry. He’s considered the father of the movement of emotions-based conservatives known as the moral majority.

Weyrich is dead at age 66. Life expectancy in the US is 77.

To commemorate Weyrich’s way of thinking, I’ll make an outlandish claim. Using a sample size of one, and applying Paul Cameron’s methods of analysis, I now declare that being a anti-gay activist will take 11 years off your life.

For your reading pleasure, here’s some wildly frothing (but fairly typical) homophobic ranting from the late Mr. Weyrich:

Give same-sex couples the “right” to marry and we can expect some severe consequences. For one, the concept of faithfulness to one’s spouse will be further undermined given that many so-called committed homosexual partners have a high rate of multiple sexual partners outside their relationship. Don’t expect a civil union or marriage certificate to change this.

Rising insurance rates for married heterosexual couples could easily be on the horizon as the negative health consequences of sexual promiscuity in the homosexual community add to the overall health insurance burden.

Permitting same-sex marriage will help lead to more homosexual adoptions which will almost certainly make children from fractured backgrounds even more confused in their interactions with society.

Frankly, if the Indiana homosexuals are so concerned about divorce, then they should look first at their own ranks. Who among them can be urged to renounce their current lifestyle and reconcile with the opposite-sex spouse they left behind? Let’s see if they have the guts and decency to stop their publicity stunt and do that.

“Value Voters” Presidential Debate

Jim Burroway

August 30th, 2007

Mark your calenders. Here’s a presidential debate you won’t want to miss:

A Values Voter Presidential debate will be held at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Monday, September 17th at 7:30 p.m. The majority of the Republican candidates have confirmed their attendance at the event.

The venue is in Ft. Lauderdale, home of mayor Jim “Robo-Toilet” Naugle. The press release doesn’t say which candidates will attend, but the Value Voter Debate web site tells us who’ll be asking the questions:

Questions will come from 40 of our nation’s leaders including: Paul Weyrich, founder and President of the Free Congress Foundation, Phyllis Schlafly, founder and President of Eagle Forum, Don Wildmon, founder and Chairman of the American Family Association, Judge Roy Moore, with the Foundation for Moral Law, Rick Scarborough, Vision America, and Mat Staver of Liberty Council

Sounds like a perfectly lovely evening.