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Taiwanese transgender couple’s marriage allowed

Timothy Kincaid

August 7th, 2013

Abbygail Wu and Ji-yi Wu both transitioned from male to female last July, but Ji-yi did not report her transition until this year. In the meantime, in October, they married.


In a surprise decision that shocked even the couple themselves, the Taiwanese government has decided not to revoke a marriage between two trans women.

After a marathon meeting with colleagues from justice and welfare ministries and other experts, the Interior Ministry announced today (7 Aug) that the marriage license of Abbygail Wu and Ji-yi Wu should remain valid.

It said the Wus were indeed ‘a man and a woman’ in accordance with civil law when the registration took place. The government respects people’s right to change their gender, it added.

Taiwan marriage case kicked up to Supreme Court

Timothy Kincaid

December 23rd, 2012

From China Post

The Taipei High Administrative Court (台北高等行政法院) was expected to rule yesterday on a landmark case of two Taiwanese men, Nelson Chen (陳敬學) and Kao Chih-wei (高治瑋), who are seeking a legal marriage.

The High Court announced yesterday that it has not reached a verdict, but that the case could be handed to the Council of Grand Justices, a 15-justice body that serves as Taiwan’s constitutional court.