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Papa Ratzi’s extreme homophobia still surprises me

Timothy Kincaid

August 6th, 2012

Pope Benedict the Evil has demonstrated that he is obsessed with homosexuality. He has made the Church’s opposition to civil rights, freedoms and equality for gay people the hallmark of his term as the Supreme Pontiff.

Traipsing about seeking sedition in modern European nations over marriage equality and imposing harsh autocrats upon liberal bishoprics seem heavy handed in an increasingly secular world. But I am, frankly, surprised at the blatancy of Papa Ratzi’s latest insult.

Bulgaria is an eastern European nation about the size and population of Tennessee. Most of the country is (at least nominally) Bulgarian Orthodox, with about 60,000 Roman Catholics (less than 1% of the population). But the Pope is certainly not going to let the minimal nature of his influence in Bulgaria influence his civility towards Bulgarians, Catholic or otherwise.

Kiril Maritchkov, Jr., son of a popular Bulgarian rock musician and the grandson of the ambassador to the Vatican during the 90’s, would seem like an ideal candidate for serving that nation in it’s diplomatic relations with the Holy City. But oh no, not when you’re dealing with Benedict. Because some things are just more important than good relations with a nation in which you have but a token presence. Such as the mere mention of “a homosexual act” in a fictional novel. (

Kiril Maritchov’ Jr.s rejection in May is ”punishment” for the scene written by the married father of two work in his 2005 book “The Fugitive’s Road” which topped the best-selling lists in his home country, the daily said, without revealing where it got the information.

The Fugitive’s Road deals with immigration from Eastern Europe to Italy and includes a scene dealing with a male character paying another man for sex.

Maritchov wasn’t tossing out gay porn. In fact, his character confesses all his sins to God and pleads for his eternal compassion at the end of the book. But that is irrelevant. He mentioned a “homosexual act” and that will get you banned from Benedict’s court.

UPDATE: The Irish Times gives better information about the novel:

In his book, Clandestination, he tells the story of Ivan, a young east-European graduate in architecture, who comes to Italy, enticed by false work promises.

In a manner that accurately reflects the experience of many clandestini (clandestine immigrants, hence the book’s title), it all falls apart for Ivan in Italy.

At one point, he is so short of money that he prostitutes himself for €50 to a man he encounters casually at Valle Giulia, central Rome.

Bulgarian Culture Minister’s unique perspective

Timothy Kincaid

January 6th, 2012

The Bulgarian Culture Minister, Vezhdi Rashidov, has demeaned the gay community in comments to a magazine. Well, actually, he pretty much demeaned everyone and with a flair that leaves American homophobes looking dowdy and uncreative. (

“I find the gays to be the most unpleasant community, since they combine the worst qualities of women and the most despicable qualities of men,” Rashidov has told Biograph.

Rashidov’s revelation came after he was asked whether he behaves in an authoritative manner towards women.

“I am not a domineering person, but I have a strong personality. I love it when women have a womanly nature…I can’t stand it when a woman looks like a transvestite,” the Culture Minister also said.

Rashidov, a prominent sculptor, remarked that he was the only contemporary Bulgarian artist whose work has never included the female body.

“I have always been attracted to drastic things,” he admitted.

The Minister revealed that he draws portraits of people he loves in his spare time, including Al Pacino, John Lennon and Hristo Stoichkov.

I have no idea what to say. But I am getting a mental image of a closet door festooned with pink lights and rhinestones.

Anti-Gay Violence in Europe

Timothy Kincaid

June 28th, 2008

This weekend is the pride celebration for several cities in Europe. And while pride events are a celebration of rights achieved, they did not all go off without a hitch.

At the first pride parade in Brno, Czech Republic

At least 20 persons were hit by tear gas used by anti-gay activists about 20 minutes after the end of Czech homosexuals’ march at the namesti Svobody square and the Masarykova street in Brno today.

The police and neo-Nazis clashed after the end of the homosexuals’ Queer Parade, the first of its type in the Czech Republic.

In Sofia, Bulgaria

One militant protester threw a petrol bomb near the marchers, while others hurled eggs and some carried clubs, police and a Reuters eyewitness said.

About 60 people were arrested, police said. No one was hurt.

In contrast, the Jerusalem pride march was significantly less violent than in previous years.

At a counter-protest in one of Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods several hundred men gathered wearing ash on their foreheads and burlap sacks over their black suits in a Biblical ritual of repentance.

Some demonstrators held holy books, rocked back and forth and prayed, while others raised banners in English reading “Shame,” “The Supreme Court is destroying the Holy City” and “Don’t sodomise Jerusalem.”