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Jenna Bush Advocates Safe Sex to Prevent HIV/AIDS

Jim Burroway

October 4th, 2007

Ana’s StoryLast month, BTB contributing author Timothy Kincaid mentioned Jenna Bush’s new book based on the life of a young woman in Latin America living with AIDS. Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope also represents a key break from official White House policy on HIV prevention:

Safe sex is encouraged through-out her new book, even though the Bush administration’s hotly contested HIV-prevention campaign was built around a staunch “abstinence only” message. “In Africa my dad’s policies are pretty much in line with mine, but not domestically,” says Bush, referring to her father’s ABC (abstain, be faithful, use a condom) policy in Africa. “But it’s a personal decision. All of us want our kids to be safe, and there’s no doubt that condoms make our kids safe. And many girls don’t have the choice—they are exploited sexually. It’s important they stay protected and protect others.”

The First Family’s rowdier twin was once known for her hard partying ways. Now it seems that she’s taking a hard look at the world around her and drawing her own conclusions — as are many others of her generation.

PBS Frontline Examines True Cause Of Uganda’s Success In War On AIDS

Daniel Gonzales

July 14th, 2007


Religious right groups often point to success in Uganda in fighting the AIDS epidemic claiming a religiously based abstinence-only campaign is the cause of such dramatic results. PBS’s Frontline program takes a look at the impact of American policy on Uganda’s war on AIDS. Click here to watch the entire segment.

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