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“Drop Kicking” Phelan Invited Back to Exodus

Jim Burroway

June 23rd, 2008

James PhelanDavid Roberts at Ex-Gay Watch is reporting that James Phelan, the ex-gay therapist who “one-two drop kicked the hell out of” a fellow marathon runner, is back in Exodus’ good graces.

Last October, Phelan bragged on his blog about a physical altercation he had with someone who objected to him yelling at a group holding rainbow banners at a public marathon. That embarrassing post led to Exodus suspending Phelan from their referral network.

But about the same time that Exodus was trying to publicly paint a kinder, gentler picture of themselves, they very quietly invited Phelan back. Phelan explained to Roberts how that happened:

As a result, later on, I did talk with them and agreed that I had said some mean things and apologized. At the same time, they (Randy, Alan, and Melissa Ingram- board chief) felt my blog was not in line with Exodus values. As a result, they asked me to wait some time before they would reinstate me to the member network.

Phelan was invited back onto Exodus’ referral network in March. He has not yet taken them up on the offer.

But the part I find the most patently offensive is where he says he apologized. To whom and what for? I doubt the marathon runner got one. I don’t think Phelan apologized to the people under the rainbow banner. Nor am I aware that he has apologized to anyone offended by his boastful post, or the several self-justifying posts that followed. In fact, I can’t see where he apologized to anyone that mattered.

Well, except for Exodus. They were embarrassed and so he apologized. I guess that fixes everything, doesn’t it?

Update: James Phelan offered this apology in the comments:

My verbal actions at the time of the event were not right and the physical confrontation equally bull-headed. I have learned from this mistake and will not do it again. I do apologize to anyone offended by my boastful post, and the several self-justifying posts that followed. You are right, as was David Roberts of XGW, in asserting that the way I handled the situation was wrong.

Thank you, James.