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John Shore Gets It

Timothy Kincaid

April 15th, 2008

johnshore.jpgIn a posting on his blog on CrossWalk, John Shore did not speak out for inclusive theology. But he did something that I think is often missing from the Christian debate about homosexuality; he acknowledged that the conservative viewpoint demands far more of gay Christians than most heterosexuals would ever be willing to give.

I’m not saying that it’s manifestly absurd and even cruel to suggest that everyone within a broad swath of our population spend their lives in emotional and physical isolation. I believe in the tenets of Christianity as ferociously as any Christian in the world. All I’m saying is that, as far as I can tell, we Christians (insofar as we ever speak with one voice) are saying that it is morally incumbent upon homosexuals to spend their lives in emotional and physical isolation. I hear a lot of Christians asserting that gays and lesbians should stop acting like gays and lesbians. But I never hear anyone saying the unavoidable follow-up to that — saying what that really means — which is that gay and lesbian men and women should spend their lives never experiencing what people most commonly mean when they use the word “love.”

Thank you, Mr. Shore.

Wherever one finds oneself on the theological spectrum, it is important that one recognizes and acknowledges exactly what they are demanding of others. This is a conversation in which it is well worth engaging.