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New Mexico Man Accepts Plea in Hate Crime Attack

Jim Burroway

April 15th, 2008

Jerry Paul, 40, of Shiprock, New Mexico, pleaded pleaded no contest to false imprisonment, a fourth-degree felony, and misdemeanor aggravated battery. Paul, the second of three men accused of attacking Matthew Shetima in Farmington last September, faces more than two years in prison:

While walking through an alley near the Journey Inn on Glade Lane, Shetima said he was called over to talk to several men who began hitting him, calling him “faggot.”

When he fell, the men kicked him saying, “You want to die faggot?” arrest documents state. The victim was then allegedly pulled into the men’s hotel room, where they continued to punch and kick him before he could escape.

Also arrested were Scott Thompson, 22, Craig Yazzie, 37. Yazzie pleaded to the same charges in March. Prosecutors believe Thompson was the ringleader in the fight. His trial for kidnapping and aggravated battery charges begin on May 2. If he’s found guilty, Thompson faces up to 14 years in prison with the hate crime enhancement.