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Anti-Gay Campaign Plotted For Oklahoma City

Jim Burroway

December 8th, 2008

Mayor Mick CornettThe Gossip-Boy web site has uncovered evidence of a major upcoming anti-gay campaign by Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and a local pastor who advocates court-ordered “education programs” to “cure” gay people.

According to James Miko and Wayne Fuller, Mayor Cornett plans to team up with Olivet Baptist Church pastor Steve Kern (OK State Rep. Sally Kern’s husband) to unleash a campaign to “rid the library system of all gay and lesbian materials, as well as those their church-based philosophies find objectionable.”

The planned anti-gay drive is reportedly part of Mayor Cornett’s longer-term strategy for the 2010 governor’s race. According to unnamed insiders, the Mayor hopes that by waging this campaign targeting gays and lesbians, he will gain the good graces of fundamentalist voters and “walk away a hero to certain people”:

The insider also stated, “The Mayor is aware that Ernest Istook is returning to Oklahoma to join the governor’s race again. Istook has the conservative base locked in, so the Mayor must shake loose Istook supporters if he is to get past the Republican primary. Gays are easy targets for him. He tried to use them in 2006, but it backfired. This round he wants to make it clear he is without a doubt against gay rights.”

Miko and Fuller were able to confirm the outlines of the anti-gay plot by calling Pastor Kern while posing as a citizen working with the mayor. The transcript is posted online, in which “GB” (the Gossip Boy reporter) spoke with Steve Kern about a couple of recommendations for the library commission:

Pastor Steve KernGB: Blair, I am familiar with him personally, is a terrific choice. The man will stand his ground and will certainly help keep the faggots in line. He’s a pretty big boy. Ha ha.

SK: Ha ha. Very true. Paul won’t take a lick of nonsense from the homos. He’s been such a blessing to Sally and I. Always supportive and always there for us. Even before this mess with them in March.

GB: Well good for him. He’s a real man of God and his service to everyone has not gone unnoticed. We need all the help we can get to make sure the perverts keep their nasty lifestyle out of our city libraries and away from our children. The sickness is spreading into everything.

SK: We have to get rid of that and start curing those sinners. It’s past time that this nation stopped placating sin and start putting them in education programs. Courts can force drug offenders into treatment centers and violent people into anger management. There’s no reason our courts can’t do that with homos. [Emphasis added]

Pro-gay advocates often suspect politicians of cynically expoiting anti-gay sentiment to further their political careers. We rarely have such a smoking gun as this one. And we also rarely get such a clear indication of the kind of “justice” some of our opponents envision if they had their way. To these people, re-education camps aren’t out of the question.