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Nicaragua Drops Sodomy Laws

Timothy Kincaid

November 15th, 2007

In a surprise move, Nicaragua dropped anti-sodomy laws from their books. Blabbeando reports:

In adopting a new national civil code on Monday, the Nicaraguan National Assembly sidestepped the longstanding law that penalized sodomy between members of the same-sex with up to five years in prison by overwhelmingly voting to approve a new civil code that simply did not mention it.

In a trend that seems to be growing in Latin American countries, this move was not the result of legislation or even focused lobbying but in a growing recognition by elected representatives that all persons are deserving of freedom. Sadly, in the US there would still be sodomy laws in a dozen states if the Supreme Court had not invalidated such laws. I wonder if it embarrasses some of the more conservative patriots in the US that developing nations in the Americas seem intent on usurping the title of Land of the Free.

(hat tip Queerty)