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Sometimes Bigots Create Their Own Enemies

Timothy Kincaid

August 7th, 2007

Sometimes decent people get so annoyed at bigotry that they feel compelled to respond.  When Bill Mills, mayor of the 12,000 residents of Truro, Nova Scotia, decided that his “Christian beliefs” compelled him to not fly a rainbow flag over City Hall it so annoyed and embarrassed heterosexual resident Sharon Farrell that she organized a protest to show her solidarity and support for her gay neighbors.

Well the haters weren’t going to take that lying down.  They hunted down her number and called to give her a piece of their mind.  Unfortunately they got the wrong person, Sharon Laura Farrell.  After hearing the vile comments left for her namesake, Ms. Farrell No. 2 felt she had to do something:

Ms. Farrell then sent the other Sharon Farrell, the rally organizer, a message on her Facebook account in which she detailed the calls. They later met at the rally.

“I was very impressed with her. She is very sincere and she was aghast that anyone would go to such great lengths to get a phone number or to make phone calls like that. I was impressed by her stand. It got me involved.”