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Ireland to offer Same-Sex Relationship Recognition

Timothy Kincaid

November 1st, 2007


Parts of Europe have provided some recognition and protection for same-sex couples for about a decade. Currently three countries (in green) provide marriage equality while many more (in red) offer various secondary protections ranging from civil unions that are identical to marriage down to limited property rights.

As discussed recently, Austria is considering civil union protections. And Sweden will soon be converting their Registered Partnerships to Marriage.

Now from the Belfast Telegraph comes word that Ireland has given a time frame for their long promised legislation on same-sex partner recognition.

The Government is promising to bring in legislation next year recognising civil partnerships among same-sex couples.

The new law will also allow heterosexual couples to form legal arrangements without the requirement of marriage.

There is no word yet as to the extent of the bill but it is likely to be far less than the civil unions bill proposed by the opposition party.

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