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Church of Sweden Tentatively Supports Gay Marriage

Timothy Kincaid

October 25th, 2007


It is fairly certain that Sweden will soon replace the Registered Partnership laws they have had in place since 1996 with legalized same-sex marriage. If they do so, then gay citizens will have the same rights to church weddings as heterosexuals.

The Church of Sweden is trying to determine their response. Although the church is decidedly pro-gay, some ministers balk at providing same-sex marriages. One option would be to separate the legal officiation of civil wedding from the blessing of couples.

Although the decision is not final and the question is likely to arise again after the law is changed, the Church voted 161 to 74 to retain it’s legal officiating capacity.

Archbishop Anders Wejryd said he expects the issue to resurface if there is a change in the law.

“Those who voted did so on the basis of current legislation. If the law changes, the issue will return,” he said.

But the Archbishop added that he was not unduly worried by the prevailing differences of opinion.

“I think the type of discussion we have had contributes to our cohesiveness. It has been an honest discussion that shows our great willingness to live together within the church. So it doesn’t worry me.



October 25th, 2007 | LINK

You know this will be used by the “Pro-Family” side as a weapon in the USA.

My own opinion – Homosexuality and the Church do not mix.

October 26th, 2007 | LINK

True, Homosexuality and the church dont mix!! I am just wondering if Homos will be forcing ministers to wed them because its the law…gosh that would be terrible. This is how we will the Lord sieve out those who won’t compromise no matter the cost.Our generation needs to repent,otherwise we are doomed…PERIOD!!


October 26th, 2007 | LINK

Read a few bits of literature. Gays, as a group, don’t want churches to be forced to officiate. After all, who would want someone at their wedding who doesn’t want to be there?

The legislation we have put forth generally says that churches don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. We are more concerned with the legal aspect than the spiritual one. In fact, that’s the front we are most concerned about: protecting our families with legally binding, legally recognized partnerships.

Now, having said that, Churches are made up of people. Gay people often do go to church. So it is entirely possible that some churches may be willing to officiate at a gay wedding for one of it’s members, even though the rest of the congregation might not. That’s something each church is going to have to deal with in their own way.

November 1st, 2007 | LINK

Just an update in the situation in Sweden…
There is only one political party (the “kristdemokraterna” (christian democrats))in the goverment (and none in the opposition) that still are against homosexual marriage, just a few days ago, the last major party (the “moderaterna”) voted for allowing it, so there is no major opposition from anybody that counts, however the center/right goverment parties depends on the christian democrats mentioned above, and they MIGHT break the goverment coallision if it is made into law (its not clear however, probably not)..

The majority of our Swedish people is for gender neutral marriage, however there is some opposition against it (“rädda äktenskapet” (save the marriage) group), they are a minority, but how much power they will have is unclear right now, they are using the “think about the poor children/we think a “normal” family is the best way”- “argument” pretty heavily as their stated main reason against it
(children to homosexual parents are better off if their parents are unmarried to each other than married to each other (?))

Timothy Kincaid
November 2nd, 2007 | LINK

Thank you for the update, Gab

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