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NOM tours a mostly-empty parking lot

Timothy Kincaid

July 24th, 2010

It’s getting harder for the National Organization for Marriage to spin their Summer for Marriage tour into a success. No one is showing up.

Today they went to Lima, Ohio, a metropolitan area of about 100,000. Lima is heavily Republican and Jim Jordan, their Congressman who they sent back to Congress in 2008 by a 65% vote, is one of the most dedicated anti-marriage legislators in Washington. It’s Saturday.

And today’s turnout was pathetic. As NOM’s Maggie Gallagher tweeted

MG: Met 25 or so new friends at Lima rally,thks!! Tiny,well behaved counter protest. See u Monday in Indianapolis!


The Courage Campaign’s tour trackers had a different count

In our most rural tour stop to date, the NOM bus tour has taken us to a parking lot, in front of a closed-down grocery store in Lima, Ohio.

A hand-count of 22 NOM supporters (many of whom were staff) gathered into a cavernous parking lot while 19 equality supporters stood quietly to the right of the rally holding handmade signs in silent, but powerful, protest.

I guess 22-25 is, in Maggie’s terms, “successful” but 19 is “tiny”.

Monday they will be heading to Indianapolis and I wonder if anyone will show up to stand in the heat and humidity. If the attendance trend continues, soon they’ll be able to hold their rallies inside the bus.

UPDATE: One of the counter protesters lists his count of the NOMbies at 32, including the organizers.