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Jeff Buchanan Out as Exodus V.P.; Randy Thomas Returns

Jim Burroway

September 5th, 2012

Exodus International has just announced some staff changes:

Yesterday marked Jeff and Angela Buchanan’s last day on the Exodus International staff. Jeff served for the last 4 years and Angela the last 2 years. During their time here, Angela served as Director of Communications and Jeff served as Senior Director of Church equipping until taking on responsibilities as Executive Vice President in August 2011. Their contributions to Exodus were substantial and they will be missed. They will be relocating to Pennsylvania to join the staff of a local church.

Jeff Buchanan’s departure, frankly, doesn’t surprise me. During last June’s Exodus International Conference, the workshops that Buchanan held were considerably more dogmatic and “old Exodus” than I had expected, given the change in tone of the conference overall. Buchanan became Exodus’s vice president last year following the departure of Randy Thomas from that job. And speaking of Thomas:

I also want to officially announce that Randy Thomas is rejoining the Exodus staff full-time starting today. Randy served from June 2002 to August 2011 before taking a year off to pursue his consulting business and artwork. … Returning in the role of Executive Vice President, Randy brings a renewed excitement and fresh perspective to the Exodus team.

During Thomas’s earlier tenure as Exodus vice president, he often played the role of attack dog, apologist, and culture warrior. It may be tempting to view Thomas’s return as vice president as a sign of Exodus’s possible retrenchment, but Thomas’s personal blog over the past year has evolved in parallel with Exodus International’s changes, both in message and tone. And given the direction that Exodus appears to be headed, Thomas now looks like the better fit for the number two spot than Buchanan.