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Schadenfreude Alert, Part 4: Stacy Harp’s take on voting

Timothy Kincaid

August 5th, 2010

harp.jpgWe don’t talk much about Stacy Harp. She’s so far out on the end of the lunatic fringe and so motivated by unmasked hatred that she’s pretty much irrelevant – even to the usual band of wackadoodles (think of an unsuccessful Fred Phelps).

But Harp did write something that I know a lot of the less-informed anti-gays are saying. In the midst of one of her “sodomite”-laden rants, she opined:

So what are people saying? Well, as you can imagine, many in the Church are upset, but ya know what, it doesn’t matter because only one in four Christians actually take the time to vote in elections. If the Church – you know the people in the Church who say they are followers of Christ Jesus – would get off their fat rumps, then this situation would be different because who we put in office, influences who becomes a judge.

It’s a common rant among anti-gay activists that any jurist who see the word “equal” in the constitution and thinks it applies to gay people is a liberal activist judge. They think that we need to elect politicians who will appoint judges that do what they want, not what the constitution says.

The problem?

Judge Vaughn Walker’s first appointment by Ronald Reagan was blocked because he was thought to be anti-gay. Eventually he was put on the bench by George Bush, Sr.

Some Lovin’ From Stacy Harp

Timothy Kincaid

April 25th, 2008

harp.jpgCan it be that Stacy Harp has fallen for Box Turtle’s Jim Burroway?

In a rather weak article on her blog site, anti-gay activist Stacy Harp has this to say about our website:

Or how about Jim, Dan and Tim at the Box Turtle Bulletin…can these homosexual men succeed at being silent for one day? Probably not…and it’s such a shame that some women won’t be able to marry any of them and have a good looking husband. I know a few women who would really enjoy Jim and his handsome good looks. Oh well, his loss…

Wow. I think Stacy has a little crush on our Jim.

So what do ya think, Jim? Want to take Stacy up on her offer? It’s your loss if ya don’t, he he

Typical Stacy Harp

Timothy Kincaid

April 21st, 2008

harp.jpgThere are two types of anti-gays, those who are serious about their beliefs but are willing to listen to yours, and those who are hateful and just downright nasty.

I believe that most anti-gays fall into the former category. They may operate under the assumption that they are in complete knowledge of all things (because God told them so) and they aren’t likely to change their opinions, but at least they aren’t vile people. And some may over time soften their positions a little.

But for an example of the latter type, check out this conversation on Kevin Kaatz’ site between Stacy Harp and Joe Brummer (audio recording of a telephone call).


I really pity anyone who has to spend much time around Stacy.