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Privacy Policy

Jim Burroway

July 4th, 2014

Box Turtle Bulletin recognizes that issues surrounding sexuality are deeply personal for many readers, and for them privacy is of the utmost concern. We are committed to doing everything possible protect the privacy of our readers.

The terms “we” and “us” include not only myself, but anyone who acts on behalf of Box Turtle Bulletin, now or at any time in the future.

By “you”, we mean you, the reader, or anyone who reads, downloads from, or in any way uses anything that is found on Box Turtle Bulletin at any time in the past, present, or future.

By “this Policy”, we mean this “Privacy Policy” document that you are now reading.

By “communications”, we mean any form of contact that is made between you and Box Turtle Bulletin, including, but not limited to: E-mail, letters, postcards, photographs, faxes, phone messages or conversations, personal conversations, text messages (including instant messaging services), audio or video recordings or any other medium or mode of personal communications which exists now or in the future.

Protection of Personal Information
Box Turtle Bulletin does not collect any personal information without your direct knowledge and active participation. The only personal information that we may collect is whatever you voluntarily provide in your communications to us.

We will not provide any personal information to any other party for any reason. Also, we not publish addresses, phone numbers, E-mail addresses or any other personal information on our web site or in any other form.

Private Individuals: Your Right to Remain Anonymous
Private individuals have a right to remain anonymous.

As we state in our Terms of Use, all remarks, comments, suggestions, ideas, photos, graphics, inventions, or other materials that you send to Box Turtle Bulletin become the property of Box Turtle Bulletin. Once we receive it, it is ours to do with it as we wish, including publishing it in part or in whole.

Generally speaking however, we would only be interested in publishing your communications if your topic is of interest to our readers. But we will not include any personally sensitive information (for example, information related to your sexuality that is not already publicly known, etc. See “Sensitive Communications” in this Policy.). We will not publish your name unless we have your expressed written permission to do so.

Public Figures: Limited Right To Anonymity
Public figures are not necessarily entitled to the same guarantees of anonymity as private individuals. If you are a public figure (someone in the public eye or who voluntarily receives media attention, for example: a politician, entertainer, a web site author or activist), and you are writing to us to express an opinion or to provide information on an article we have published, we may decide, at our discretion, to publish parts or all of your letter or E-mail. We may include your name and title in the posting, but we will not publish your E-mail address, physical address, phone number or any other personal or contact information without your expressed written permission.

Generally speaking, we would only be interested in publishing your communications if your topic is of interest to our readers. We will not include any personally sensitive information (for example, information related to your sexuality that is not already publicly known, etc. See “Sensitive Communications” in this Policy.).

Sensitive Communications
It is our intent that any communications that we receive in which someone asks for advice, information or references for resources will be held in the strictest confidence. Furthermore, all requests for privacy will he honored (except as noted in “Disclosure of Personal Information” in this Policy), provided the request is made concurrently with all communications you wish to be held in confidence.

It is your responsibility to request that your communications be held in confidence when you contact us. In the absense of an explicit request for confidence, we reserve the right to determine whether to hold your communications with us private. Should we publish or share all or parts of it, our decision to publish your name will be made on the basis stated elsewhere in this Policy (see “Private Individuals: Your Right to Remain Anonymous” and “Public Figures: Limited Right to Anonymity“).

We cannot be held responsible for discosure of information in the absence of a concurrent request for confidence. Should we decide to publish any portion of your communications with us, we cannot be held responsible for requests for confidence which you may try to make later.

Disclosure of Personal Information
The only circumstances in which we may be compelled to disclose personal information are in the enforcement of our Terms of Use; the protection of the security of our visitors, ourselves and our site; and when we are required to do so by law. Examples include compliance with a specific law, regulation, court order, subpoena, search warrant, or in the course of a legal proceeding. We reserve the right to determine appropriate actions for the protection of the security of our visitors, ourselves and our site. These actions may include refusing to honor requests for privacy.

Use of Visitor’s Statistics
The Box Turtle Bulletin web site, like nearly all web sites, collects what is called “anonymous information”. This information may include the visitor’s Internet Service Provider and I.P. address, the URL of the web page the visitor came from, the web pages the visitor viewed on this web site, the visitor’s browser type and resolution, and other technical information. This information is completely anonymous – in other words it cannot be used to trace or identify any individual visitor. It does not permit us to learn any personal information such as your name, the computer you use, your E-mail address or physical location.

We use this information to make sure Box Turtle Bulletin is working properly with no broken internal links. This information also helps us optimize the web site’s design for the different types of computers and browsers that our visitors use when visiting. We also use this information to determine which topics are of greater interest to our readers and how they found it.

A cookie is a small text file that a web site can place on your computer’s hard drive. This file contains a unique identification number and an expiration date. Cookies often allow the web site to automatically track your activities while visiting their site. This unique number identifies your browser — and possibly you — to computers whenever you visit a site that uses cookies. Some web sites depend on cookies so heavily that they won’t function properly without them.

Some cookies may even contain your personally identifiable information such as a name or E-mail address, although this is not always the case. It depends on how that particular web site intends to use the cookies it places on your hard drive. Web sites who use personally identifiable information typically do so in order to make it easier for you to use that web site. For example, whenever you see a “Remember Me” checkmark at a web site’s login screen, that web site probably uses cookies so that it can remember who you are so you won’t have to log in every time you access that site.

Some of the services we use (Google Analytics, Google Ads, BlogAds, and Amazon Associates) use cookies to provide statistical information, some of which helps us identify such things as popular topics, broken links, and how our readers find us. We hope to use this information to provide a better experience for our readers. None of this information is tied to am individual reader’s name, e-mail address or any other personally identifiable information. Some of those services also use cookies for their own purposes. You can learn more about those third-party cookies by reading Google’s Privacy Policy,  Blogads’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and Amazon Associates’ Privacy Notice. Their policies are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for their policies.

If you do not want these cookies placed on your hard drive, you can adjust your browser’s settings to reject cookies. This will not cause any loss of functionality to you. Please see your browser’s Help function for more information.

Our JavaScripts do not store any personally identifiable information on your hard drive, our server, or any third party server, nor will they alter the behavior of your browser or computer. They are used to provide features of convenience and other enhancements to your experience of our web site. If you have JavaScript disabled in your browser, most essential aspects of our web site should still function.

The most significant loss of functionality will be access to our E-mail address links. We use JavaScript to hide our E-mail addresses from spammers. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, our E-mail addresses will not be available to you.

Additional Information
Please note that as circumstances change, we may need to revise this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. The privacy policy is always dated as of the day it is posted, which is the day in which it goes into effect. Please check back to this page for any changes to this policy.

This web site may provide links to other web sites maintained by individuals or organizations who are not affiliated with Box Turtle Bulletin. Once you go to another web site, you are subject to the privacy policy of that web site. We are not responsible for their privacy policy, nor are we responsible for their lack of one if they don’t have any.