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Tennessee Church: God’s Wrath “Started To Fall On The Gays”

Jim Burroway

June 20th, 2016

Johnson CityLast Tuesday, Pastor Jesse Price of Beech Cliff Pentecostal Holiness Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, put a message on his church’s sign reading, “God’s wrath may be getting started to fall on the gays.” Price told a local WCYB reporter:

Beech Cliff Pentecostal Holiness Church Pastor Jesse Price

Beech Cliff Pentecostal Holiness Church Pastor Jesse Price

“We are not trying to kill them. I’ve had a lot of signs up here that homosexuals need to be saved but they didn’t say anything about that on. The only thing I said here in this one that God’s wrath looks like it’s going to start being poured down on the gays.”

He said the sign should not be taken offensively, but alliances of the LGBT community feel differently.

Price added that this wasn’t his first anti-gay message.

The message has since been removed, but Price says he wouldn’t hesitate to repost the message again.

Kevin Swanson: Gays In Orlando Got What They Deserved

Jim Burroway

June 18th, 2016

kevin_swanson_a-500x321On Thursday, Colorado-based pastor Kevin Swanson discussed the Pulse gay night club massacre in Orlando on his radio program:

Why do homosexuals murder homosexuals?” he asked. Because, according to Romans 1, “God gave them up to vile passions.” “Violence” and “murder,” he said, are deeply tied to homosexuality.

“What’s the bottom line as we view what’s happening in Orlando today?” he said. “I think it is, again, the Romans 1 scenario, it is that God gives them up.”

The Orlando massacre, Swanson added, shows what happens when God’s “restraints have been lifted entirely and when God doesn’t restrain, people go nuts in their sins.”

Swanson isn’t just any fringe extremist. Last November as the Republican primary season was really heating up, Swanson hosted the Freedom 2015 conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and  former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal joined Swanson on stage for a Q&A session. Shortly after, Swanson closed out the conference a ringing defense of his belief that gay people should be put to death. He screamed:

Kevin SwansonYes! Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals! Yes,! Romans Chapter 1 verse 32 the Apostle Paul does say that homosexuals are worthy of death – his words, not mine! And I am not ashamed! I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

He went on to explain that he wouldn’t advocate the government round up and kill gay people… yet.

They need time to repent! Do you understand? American needs time to repent! You say “why don’t you call for it?” American needs time to repent! Of their homosexuality, their adultery, and their porn addictions. … America is steeped in a destructive form of homosexuality. Friends, they’re bound for hell! Do you understand? It’s not so much an issue of the death penalty. It’s an issue of God’s judgement that’s hanging upon this nation today!

Protesters Gather At Sacramento Church Which Praised Orlando Shooter; Pastor and His Supporters Double Down

Jim Burroway

June 17th, 2016

Roger Jimenez, from the YouTube video that has since been removed.

Roger Jimenez, from the YouTube video that has since been removed.

Police were still identifying and removing bodies from the Pulse gay night club in Orlando when Sacramento pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church posted a sermon on YouTube equating gay people with pedophiles and wishing that more people were dead. “If we lived in a righteous government, they should round them all up and put them up against a firing wall, and blow their brains out,” he said. “The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die. The tragedy is — I’m kind of upset that he didn’t finish the job!”

The video was removed by YouTube for violating its standards on hate speech. But Jimenez was unrepentant on Tuesday, telling the Sacramento Bee:

All I’m saying is that when people die who deserve to die, it’s not a tragedy,” he added. Jimenez spoke these words in a kind monotone befitting a loan officer discussing interest rates at a local bank branch. …Though he didn’t talk long, he wanted people to know he wasn’t backing down from his words. “There are many people who agree with us,” he said. “In America, you are no longer allowed to have an opinion that goes against mainstream society.”

Sacramento Protest Against Roger JimenezJimenez is wrong on so many things, including about whether he’s allowed to have an opinion. Of course he is, and he’s also allowed to express it. And so do the hundred or so protesters who gathered at the Verity Baptist Church parking lot on Wednesday, for what had been planned as a silent protest. It became anything but silent:

Wearing a small LGBT pride heart on her T-shirt, Sakler watched as congregants filed past the crowd of activists and a line of police officers. They were men and women in church outfits, couples holding hands, parents with crying babies, small children giggling – all of them hurrying inside, ignoring the cries of “We are Orlando!” from the protesters.

For some queer protesters, seeing the families in attendance was a painful reminder that people in suburban California share the hateful and violent beliefs of Jimenez – and that the pastor is not just a fringe extremist preaching to anonymous bigots in the dark corners of YouTube.

“We have so far to go,” said Sakler, wiping tears from her eyes while clutching a rainbow candle.

The tense scene that unfolded outside the church – where protesters screamed “Would you kill me?” as the silent parishioners passed by – offered a window into the anguish of LGBT people across the country, who are coming to terms with the unprecedented attack on the queer community less than one year after same-sex marriage became the law of the land in the US.

And by the way, Jimenez has at least one other pastor coming to his defense:

Manly Perry, a Texas pastor who has given a sermon at Jimenez’s church, said in a phone interview on Wednesday that the Sacramento preacher was a “mentor” who is skilled at bringing people into the church – and has a wide reach.

“That church in my opinion has the best-organized program and outreach in the community,” he said. “He’ll be looked at as a hatemonger, but he’s actually the exact opposite … He’s got a genuine love for people. He wants to see people saved.”

Perry also repeated several times: “The Bible is very clear that homosexuals should have the death penalty.”

Sacramento Baptist Preacher: Massacre Makes Orlando “A Little Safer Tonight”

Jim Burroway

June 14th, 2016

Sacramento’s CBS affiliate reported on a YouTube video posted by Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church:

Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?” he said in the sermon. “Um no, I think that’s great! I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight.”

The remarks were delivered on Sunday morning, hours after the attack happened.

“We don’t need to do anything to help. As far as I’m concerned, Orlando is a little bit safer tonight,” he said.

Jimenez’s sermon went on to call for even more death at the hands of the government.

“If we lived in a righteous government, they should round them all up and put them up against a firing wall, and blow their brains out,” Jimenez said in the sermon.

YouTube took the video down last night due for violating the service’s hate speech policy.

Steven Anderson: “50 Less Pedophiles In The World”

Jim Burroway

June 13th, 2016

Noted anti-gay extremist Steven Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, posed a YouTube video celebrating yesterday’s attack on the Pulse night club in Orlando resulting in “fifty sodomites killed.” To Anderson, this comes as both good news and band news:

“The good news is there’s fifty less pedophiles in the world. You know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles. That’s who was a victim here, are a bunch of just disgusting homosexual at a gay bar, okay?”

“But the bad news is this is now going to be used, I’m sure, to push for gun control, where law-abiding normal Americans are not going to be allowed to have guns for self defense. And then I’m sure it’s also going to be used to push an agenda against so-called “hate speech.” So Bible-believing Christian preachers who preach what the Bible actually says about homosexuality – that it’s vile, that it’s disgusting, that they’re reprobates – we’re gonna be blamed. … I’m sure that people are going to start attacking bible-believing Christians because of what this guy did.”

Anderson insisted that everyone who was murdered deserved to die, although that’s not what he would have done. He would have “obeyed the law of the land,” but…

But I will say this: the Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death in Leviticus 20:13. Obviously, it’s not right for someone to just, you know, shoot up the place because that’s not going through the proper channels. But these people all should have been killed anyway but they should have been killed through the proper channels as in, they should have been executed by a righteous government that would have tried them, convicted them, and saw them executed. Because in Leviticus 20:13, God’s perfect law, he put the death penalty on murder and he put the death penalty on homosexuality. That’s what the Bible says. Plain and simple.

…I’m not sad about it. I’m not going to cry about it. As these people were going to die, these fifty people in the gay bar that got shot up, they were going to die of AIDS and syphilis and whatever else. They were all gonna die early anyway. Because homosexuals have a 20 year shorter lifespan than normal people anyway. … At least they’re off the streets. So I’m just trying to look on the bright side.

LaBarbera Award: Steven L. Anderson

Jim Burroway

August 21st, 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve given one of these awards out. Maybe I’ve become so jaded that nothing much shocks me anymore. But then something like this comes around and all I can do is shake my head. The latest LaBarbera Award winner comes from just up the road from where I live. Meet pastor Steven L. Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist church in Tempe, AZ:

You want to know who the biggest hypocrite in the world is? The biggest hypocrite in the world is the person who believes in the death penalty for murderers and not for homosexuals. Hypocrite. The same God who instituted the death penalty for murderers is the same God who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals – sodomites, queers! That’s what it was instituted for, okay? That’s God, he hasn’t changed. Oh, God doesn’t feel that way in the New Testament … God never “felt” anything about it, he commanded it and said they should be taken out and killed.

And why should all of these sodomites and queers be killed? Because they’re recruiting:

How are they multiplying? Do you not see that they’re multiplying? Are you that blind? Have you noticed that there’s more than there were last year and the year before, and the year before that? How are they multiplying? They’re reproducing right? No, here’s a biology lesson: they’re not reproducers, they’re recruiters! And you know who they’re after? Your children… They’re being molested by the sodomites. I can tell you so many stories about people that I know being molested and recruited by the sodomites.

They recruit through rape. They recruit through molestation. They recruit through violation. They are infecting our society. They are spreading their disease. It’s not a physical disease, it’s a sin disease , it’s a wicked, filthy sin disease and it’s spreading on a rampage. Can’t you see that it’s spreading on a rampage? I mean, can you not see that? Can you not see that it’s just exploding in growth? Why? Because each sodomite recruits far more than one other sodomite because his whole life is about recruiting other sodomites, his whole life is about violating and hurting people and molesting ’em.

So how many sodomites is one sodomite going to produce? A lot, and that’s why it’s just exploding. The only way to stop it, you say “how do we stop it?” … You want to know why sodomites are recruiting? Because they have no natural predators.

Jeremy Hooper found the audio, and Right Wing Watch has a transcript. There are more bon mots from this guy at Pam’s House Blend.


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