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Molotov Mitchell Hopes for a Big Santorum Splash

Jim Burroway

January 18th, 2012


Meanwhile Columbia, S.C. native Molotov Mitchell, an evangelical Christian video artist whose YouTube political commentaries against Newt Gingrich’s infidelities hit hundreds of thousands of Iowa cell phones via text message and went viral with over 33,000 views prior to the Iowa Caucuses, re-released a pro-Santorum punk-rock video that deals with one of Santorum’s harshest critics, Chicago sex columnist Dan Savage. Savage, a gay rights activist, is the originator of Santorum’s “Google problem,” an effort to redefine the conservative’s name as an obscenity. Mitchell said, “Mitt Romney is kind of like the RINO country club hetero version of Dan Savage, and in his own vacuous way, far more dangerous to hetero-traditionalism. I hope Santorum makes a big splash on Romney’s empty suit this Saturday.”

Mitchell was one of a handful of American Evangelicals who defended Uganda’s “Kill-the-Gays” bill in 2010. I don’t think this will help Santorum’s Google problem at all.

Rob Tisinai takes on Molotov Mitchell

Timothy Kincaid

July 26th, 2010

Anti-gay activists hate it when you use the word “hate” so I won’t say that WorldNetDaily’s Molotov Mitchell hates you. He just wants to love you to death.

But publicly calling for the execution of all gay people is a little extreme – even for WND – so Mitchell and crew have revised their call to execution of some gay people and limit it, for now, to overseas. In this way Mitchell and WND can support Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill but pretend that they only want to kill the really bad gays. But to do so, Mitchell has to lie through his teeth about what is really in the bill.

But Rob Tisinai isn’t letting him get away with it. Rob, whose videos never cease to make me smile, has an ability to cut through the bullpoop and distill the position and logic of anti-gays into easily understandable – and easily mockable – concepts.

But that assumes that there is some logic to distill. And in this case, it seems that Mitchell is just saying anything that serves his argument of the moment regardless of fact, consistency or logic. Molotov Mitchell is quick to condemn others of “a deliberate disinfo campaign” for posting the actual bill which was presented to the legislature and for explaining what it says, in English, while his opinions are based on, well, something else.

  • Mitchell’s comments on the bill were based on some new secret version that he can’t share because he hasn’t read it, but he’s had some really nice telephone conversations with someone (who’s not a member of the Uganda parliament).
  • When he told his viewers, “This isn’t my opinion…This is what’s in the bill,” he failed to tell them he wasn’t talking about the real bill that’s been introduced, but some altered future hypothetical version. Which he hasn’t seen.

And, no, to date there has not been any new bill presented to the legislature. That “new bill” seems to exist only in the imagination of people who want to support horrific human rights abuses in Uganda but know that public calls for execution of gay “repeat offenders” makes them seem primitive and amoral.

And Rob gets to the heart of the reasons why Mitchell’s diatribes are confusing and contradictory.

I’m going give this kind of messy thinking a name, because I run across it so much: the argument ex contradictio, or “argument from contradictions.” It happens when you defend a statement by uttering another statement that contradicts the one you’re trying to defend:

* I can tell you exactly what’s in the bill…even though there are multiple, conflicting versions of the bill.
* A deliberate disinformation campaign has led us to take out the material that our opponents falsely said was there.

The argument ex contradictio is hard to refute precisely because it’s such a mess. Your listeners have a to juggle conflicting statements, experience confusion, and then rise above the confusion to recognize that confusion is exactly what your opponent is trying to sow.

And yet again, Rob has made me smile.

Lies and death, brought to you by corporate advertising

Timothy Kincaid

April 1st, 2010

In February, we shared with you a video by Molotov Mitchell in which he defended Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Mitchell endorsed the idea of executing gay people and called the Ugandan bill “more American than Americans”.

Make no mistake, Mitchell would delight to have homosexuality recriminalized in the West and would have no problem with death as the punishment. Because, as he says, God makes the rules and Jesus didn’t abolish the Old Testament.

But calling for the execution of gay people doesn’t sit comfortably with most Americans, even those who are socially conservative. So Mitchell is back with a new video, one in which he clarifies which gay people should be hanged at dawn.

And to do it, he lies about the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality bill. Mitchell claims to have read the bill and tells us that it is limited to three things: intentionally spreading HIV, child molestation, and coercion. Either he has never read the bill, is just lying about its contents, or he is a blithering idiot without any ability to comprehend simple English. (Unlike Mitchell and every other supporter of the bill, we provide it so that you can read for yourself).

But this time, Mitchell’s endorsement of executing some gay people is funded by corporate advertising. Depending on when viewed, Mitchell’s call for death is preceded by an advertisement encouraging you to buy Dell computers or French’s fried onions or search the internet on Bing (or perhaps even others).

Those who wonder why Bing, Dell or French’s would pay for propaganda designed to justify and deceive about the criminalization and execution of gay people can inquire with those companies by calling:

Reckitt Benckiser (French’s) USA: (973) 404-2600

Dell: (512) 338-4400

Microsoft: (800) 518-5689

Our international readers may wish to find their own local number for Reckitt Benckiser here.

I don’t know much about French’s, but Dell and Microsoft pride themselves on their inclusive diversity programs.

World Net Daily and Molotov Mitchell Want To Kill You

Jim Burroway

February 18th, 2010

World Net Daily posted this video a month ago, but it didn’t get much notice. Now it’s on YouTube, and everyone with an ounce of decency are horrified at Mitchell’s enthusiastic call to execute gay people. He calls their Anti-Homosexuality Bill “more American than Americans.”

YouTube Preview Image

Believe it. There really are people who want to kill you. Some are even willing to brag about it.

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