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FRC Warns “Your Child At Risk!”

Jim Burroway

January 31st, 2007

The Family “Research” Council has issued a hyperventilating Action Alert which claims that “special rights legislation could place your child at risk!” — complete with an exclamation mark in the title:

The Iowa state legislature is preparing for a vote on the “Bullying Bill” — a bill which currently protects Iowa students from bullying only if they are in certain protected classes, including sexual orientation and cross dressing. This sends the message that bullying only certain groups of students is wrong, not that the act of bullying itself is unacceptable.

Well, no. Just about none of what you just read is true.

The bill sets up classes of students which, based on historic data, have demonstrated a need for special protection, and it requires school systems to report bullying incidents to the state with an explanation of what the school did in response. It does not, as the FRC claims, deny anti-bullying measures to anyone. It doesn’t say that some students can be bullied while others cannot. In fact, it reinforces the opposite message.

Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know of many instances in which bullying of gender noncomforming kids have been met with silence as teachers and administrators looked the other way. You’ve heard the arguments. If these kids would just act normal, then none of this would happen. And unfortunately, anti-gay extremists are sometimes guilty of promoting this message.

Remember, it was just last August when a NARTH scientific advisery board member insisted that some children should be singled out on the playground. How’s that for sending a message? With supposed professionals like that, it’s no wonder many consider legislation like this to be necessary.

And as for the claim that this legislation would only protect some children while somehow endangering others, I would like to remind the FRC (yet again!) that legislation like this actually does protect everyone — including straight kids who are mistaken for being gay (as well as, I suppose, straight football players that are set upon by roving gangs of sissies).

When the law specifies protection of everyone regardless of sexual orientation, the plain English used in the law couldn’t be simpler. It protects everyone regardless of sexual orientation.



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