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Arkansas Family Council to Propose Adoption Ban

Jim Burroway

June 13th, 2007

The Arkansas Family Council, the group responsible for Arkansas’ constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, has announced that they will push for a ballot measure to ban adoption and foster parenting by gay people or unmarried couples. If the measure’s name and ballot title are approved by the state Attorney General, the Family Council would then have until July 7th to collect the required signatures to get the proposal on the November 2008 general election ballot.

The group hasn’t decided yet whether to make the proposal an initiative, which could be overturned by a three-fourth’s vote of the state legislature, or a constitutional amendment, which can only be overturned by another ballot proposal.

The Arkansas Family Council is an official state policy council for Focus on the Family.



Keri Copeland
March 31st, 2008 | LINK

Well, I am simply here to say that I am a proud out lesbian and I don’t appreciate what these people are trying to do, how am I supposed to have a family if I can’t at least adopt a child, who in most cases right now is floating around in foster care with no true family to take care of them. I simply just want to be a loving mother to a child who desperately needs one. I mean if anything I am trying to help a child to have a loving home and safe, stable and reliable home to stay in. I am mostly just trying to offer up my home as a haven for these seemingly unwanted children left in foster care.

simply trying to help,

Timothy Kincaid
March 31st, 2008 | LINK


how sad that some people would rather a child stay in foster care than that they find a loving home with you.

April 24th, 2008 | LINK

I understand you want children, however I know since you have the lesbian issue, I dont blame them. Right is right and wrong is wrong dispite my emotions. If someone taunts me endlessly for years, even past the point of self deffence, do I have the right to cut them in twain with my twin claymores? Nay!! maybe a good pommeling. If I am sickly offended at someones lazy spirit and weak willed emotions and choose a less than perfect choice, do I have the right to ship them all to thier own island and bomb the ‘ell out of em? NO ! Dispite how good it may feel to rid the world of those less than those who desire holy right thinking. I must remember I once gave in to emotional unholy thinking. So mercy is preferd, and mercy to children in foster homes dont including subjecting them to spiritual stimuli that effects the emotions and the internal chemistry of the mind, altering perception, fluids and hindering the moral compass of decentcy. My brother was in a foster home and he fared well in the end. Actualy better than I in the end. When he was in high school he got a decent job, owned 2 cars and houses, and builds houses for famous people. So get over yourself and quit letting emotions rule you. Your better and I bet more intellegent than that. I am sorry I cant stick around here and argue ‘argu: a heated discussion that neather party can percive what the other is saying’ or even debate with you. Certain things are as they are. A man who doesnt believe in trains, standing on a track is still going to die. You believing your ok with out repentance is still wrong and you and those who tell you not the truth will all face the same judgement in the end. Those who love you tell you the truth, even if they know that such a one is given to self justification and will spew forth near crimminal reprobation injuring the soft heart of the speaker, even if it means they will loose you as a friend, because they love you more than themselves.

I dont often come back to the same place, for I an aging quickly, and my noblistic herritage and ideas are quickly slipping from this broken mind that has been the shield for many innocent, that they may live in peace and innocents, at the cost of my own blood and bone. So with what I have left, I pray for you, because I love you, because I was first loved.

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