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Ted’s Former Tweaker And Tax Fraud Adventure

Daniel Gonzales

August 23rd, 2007

First I’ll give you a tidbit on Mike Jones who was last spotted in Denver’s independent weekly, Westword, leading absolutely filthy bar trivia.

Ted HaggardAs for Ted, although he seems to have been cured of his homosexuality in three weeks, we haven’t heard much on the crystal meth front — which is why it’s comic that:

…the Haggard family plans to move into the Phoenix Dream Center to minister to ex-cons, recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, and “other broken people,” Haggard writes. “I identify.” [Source: CO Confidential]

It’s no secret ex-gay groups consider gay people to be “broken.”

However most interesting is a snippet of Ted’s fund raising letter which was reprinted in CO Confidential:

But for the next two years, we [my family] will need support. Between now and the end of the year, we have to find the people who want to help us transition into our future. So I am starting today to let friends like you know that we are raising money for support as we move into the Phoenix Dream Center.


If any supporters need a tax deduction for their gift, they can mail it to Families With a Mission at P.O. Box 63125, Colorado Springs, CO 80962. The supporters would need to write their check to “Families With A Mission” and put a separate note on it that it is for the Haggard family, then Families With a Mission will mail us 90% of the funds for support and use 10% for administrative costs.

BoxTurtleBulletin author Timothy (who is an accountant by day) provides this insight about tax law:

[I]f a non-profit is receiving funds which Haggard solicits to be used for his personal benefit and then providing a tax deduction, that would be tax fraud.

There’s plenty more to the story on CO Confidential’s site including the fact his severance package includes pay through the end of 2007 and that the family still owns their $715,000 home in The Springs which has not even been put up for sale but frankly his method for providing tax-deductions was what caught our eye.



Ben in Oakland
August 24th, 2007 | LINK

Once a con man fleecing the masses, always… I would suggest not alerting the authorities about this for a while. Wait for Ted to collect 10 or 20 thou, THEN tell the IRS. Ted can tearfully explain why he has struggled with his addiction to confidence games since he was a young man, then he can go into rehab for threee weeks and tell everyone how he is CURED, praise-the-lord.

August 24th, 2007 | LINK

I wonder what a forensic audit of his church’s books during his tenure would turn up.

August 24th, 2007 | LINK

I have always viewed the use of religion for personal financial gain to be among the most deplorable acts that people engage in. Unfortunately, it is all too common.

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