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  1. Steady Records
    January 20, 2011

    Spiritus: Habitually, figuratively and globally this phonic is use to mean spirit and in Latin it’s the association of breath. However, for the ancient Greek males of Athens, spiritus was a phonic of sexuality between males & fostered the notion of enlightenment through homosexual breathing. These males were the first to coin the word spiritus and later the Romans adopted it, as well as all who came after seeking the mantel of power to rule other nations. In such, the wealthy Germans took the concept of spiritus from Italy’s Art Renaissance to spread the message of neo-europeans creativity, which lead to the English/Germanic cousins to changed the tone of spiritus to spirit, which was later forced onto the Africans whom were kidnapped and placed into slavedom. In the modern global society of today, 99.9% of the World has no idea that the rooted meaning on this phonic: spiritus/spirit came from homosexuality.

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