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Kansas Public School May Expell Student for Being Gay

Timothy Kincaid

March 27th, 2008

jimmyi.jpgNaturally, no public school would openly state that they were expelling a student because he was gay. But the facts of the story, as reported by the Wichita Eagle, seem to indicate that this is what is happening in Wichita.

According to [Jimmy] Iniguez, the incident began when a female friend told him she had heard a rumor that a mutual male friend of theirs was gay.

“I told her that rumor was false,” Iniguez said. “I said I would know, because I was his best friend.”

But, “it’s like you can’t be straight and have a gay friend,” he added.

When the male student saw Iniguez in the bathroom later that day, he asked Iniguez what was going on.

“So I told him, ‘Some people are saying you’re gay, but don’t worry. I told them it wasn’t true,’ ” Iniguez said. “But he still got kind of upset.”

The student, who is 18, allegedly returned to class and threatened students and a teacher, Iniguez said. He was suspended and later expelled.

School officials then suspended Iniguez, saying he was partly to blame because he harassed the teenager in the bathroom.

Jimmy denies that he was harassing the other teenage in the bathroom. And the other kid is showing up at his hearing to testify for Jimmy.

That doesn’t seem to matter to the administration.

School officials said they could not comment on Iniguez’s case because of privacy restrictions. But spokeswoman Susan Arensman said the district’s anti-bullying and sexual harassment policies, as well as its student code of conduct, ensure safe schools.

“Harassment is harassment, and we write that broadly to apply to all students,” she said.

Aparantly very very broadly if punishing gay students.

However, not quite broadly enought to protect gay students. The district’s current policy offers protection from discrimination on the grounds of a person’s religion, race, gender, nationality, age or disability – but not on the basis of sexual orientation.

Jimmy and his attorney think that he’s being punished for being openly gay. And while there may be more to the story, so far it looks as though he has a point.



March 27th, 2008 | LINK

This seems more like paranoia than actual facts.

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