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Supporting Equality Not Allowed at Florida School

Timothy Kincaid

May 12th, 2008

ddavis.bmp David Davis is the principal at Panama City, Florida’s Ponce de Leon High School. He also has some interesting ideas about which symbols are appropriate and which are offensive to wear on clothing at his campus.

For example, WMBB reports

Davis says clothes with the confederate flag are allowed at school. He says they haven’t caused a distraction. Of the 406 students at the high school, none of them are African American.

But if symbols associated with slavery are inoffensive, what ever could be?

Well, that would be any reference whatsoever that you support equality. Yikes!! That could just lead to civil unrest.

It all started when a student who was ridiculed for being gay approached the principal. Instead of protecting her, he advised that she stay in the closet and not talk about her orientation.

That didn’t go over so well with some of the other students. A couple dozen of them thought they’d stand up for their gay classmates.

Days later, Davis heard of students making gay rights signs, and reports of 25 of them coming to school with the letters “GP” or “Gay Pride” written on their hands.

[17 Year old Heather] Gillman says she is not gay, but her cousin (a student at PDL High) is.

Gillman made t-shirts with slogans like:
-“I support equal marriage rights”
-“I support gays”
-“Equal not special rights”

Well Davis couldn’t have that. He suspended eleven students and threatened expulsion. Unlike Confederate symbols, supporting equal marriage rights is against the school dress code.

So Gillman sued David Davis and the Holmes County School Board.

The case is in trial and so far Davis is showing himself to be intensely stupid.

Monday in court, Davis said students who see the slogans and symbols would be distracted in class, even have mental images of gays having sex.

And this is the man they have in charge of education at Ponce de Leon High School.




May 12th, 2008 | LINK

he is going down, especially if this is a public school. what a moron.

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

I wish I could believe that he will go down, but…there are a lot of people in that area that believe the same things that this principal does. He is more the norm than otherwise. I hope the students will prevail.

Pepe Johnson
May 13th, 2008 | LINK

Both of my parents worked in the public school system. One of their complaints about principals and administrators is that most of them enter the administrative positions and lose touch with what actually happens in the classrooms on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, an Anglo-dominated school is not going to have major issues with Confederate battle flags – but just because it doesn’t blow up into a major issue doesn’t mean that some students aren’t offended by it. And it’s just as wrong to assume wearing gay pride t-shirts will cause a problem.

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

You know, his weird comments about the pro-gay slogans causing students to daydream about gay sex makes me wonder if he’s projecting. Perhaps he’s closeted.

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

I have some cousins in sunny Florida. I used to send them links to all of the Florida asshattery I found on the web. After a while, when it became a daily occurrence, I got bored and stopped.

Maybe we should start a prayer chain to help this guy extract his head from his behind.

Dear FSM in Heaven, hear our prayer. Touch this doofus with your noodly appendange, and place on him a saucy sign of your displeasure. Ramen.

Timothy Kincaid
May 13th, 2008 | LINK


As a personal favor, I request that you not mock the faith of others. Thank you.

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

This reminds of stacey harp… Even though gay and sex are not inherently related. nor are they synonyms for each other, THIS is what anti-gay advocates propogate. That being gay is nothing other than wanting to have SS intercourse. If this is what ppl think of when anything gay is presented then they should srsly start having some education on the topic.

Is this ‘distraction’ really a founded basis to keep it out of the schools. And even if it is, didnt they approve of the ‘be happy not gay’ t-shirt? I’d say that is more ‘distracting’ and even vergin on insulting(due to it being an outright lie presented as a truth).

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

students wearing confederate flag symbols might cause other students to imagine men in white hoods, lynchings, sailing ships filled with people in chains, people crowded in filthy living conditions with inadequate food and clothing, people beating other people that they “own” . . . things that are FAR FAR more obscene than two people who love each other in bed together.

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

“things that are FAR FAR more obscene than two people who love each other in bed together.”

Paint the whole picture, or at least, how they view it.

TWO PPL that sodomize each other, independant of how much or lack of excrement there is in their ‘love expression’. There is nothing genuinely attractive or ‘loving’, but rather, disturbing and disgusting of grating a plastic, lubricated surface with toxic waste.

May 14th, 2008 | LINK

Terribly sorry for crossing the line. It won’t happen again.

Well, look at that. A comments policy. Maybe I should read it. ;-)

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