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  1. Fiona
    June 25, 2008

    Happy Flag Day!

  2. Jerry Sloan
    June 27, 2008

    In addition to the fact the hot pink fabric was not available and the flagpole obscuring the turquoise, I remember visiting the Paramount Flag Company on Polk Street and talking to the owners about the flag and they told me there was a much more practical reason for the 6 stripe flag and that was the fact that the sewing machines they had could only sew three stripes together at a time and then the two sections would be sown together.

    So in reality it was a matter of labor costs that gave us the 6 stripe Rainbow Flag.

    It was also the labor costs that discouraged the addition of the Lambda to the flag as was urged many years ago by Christopher Street West and adopted by the Gay Pride Coordinators Association.

    [Note: This comment was originally written on June 25, but got caught in our spam filter. I have republished it and changed the date in order to increase its prominence. -- Jim B.]

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