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AZ State Senator Blasted For Role In Prop 102

Jim Burroway

October 8th, 2008

In a debate held in Southern Arizona yesterday, two candidates for Congress sparred over one candidate’s role in placing Proposition 102, Arizona’s so-called “marriage amendment,” on the ballot.

First-term Democratic incumbent Rep. Gabrielle Giffords blasted her challenger, State Sen. Tim Bee (R-Tucson), over his role in the contentious final night of the legislative session when he cast the sixteenth, deciding vote to put the proposition on the ballot. According to the Arizona Daily Star:

Giffords’ sharpest attack on Bee, the outgoing president of the state Senate, was blaming him for a blowup on the last night of the 2008 legislative session, when several pieces of legislation died in the wake of a combative debate about sending a measure to define marriage to the November ballot.

“The individuals that I know that work at the state Legislature reported that the end of the session was the worst end that anyone could remember in the history of the state Legislature,” Giffords said. “Crying. Tears. Bills that were left undone.

“When we talk about leadership as the Senate president there’s an opportunity to really lead,” she said, declaring her opposition to what is now Proposition 102. Specifically, Giffords pointed out a solar-energy bill and guest-worker proposal failed to get a final vote.

Arizona has the most sunshine of any state in the union, yet Bee and his cronies shoved aide a badly needed solar-energy bill. Arizona has one in four schools that don’t meet federal standards, and we have more than a million Arizonans without access to affordable health care. Oh yeah, there’s also a widening state budget deficit of $3 Billion, and that will only get worse with a state economy that has been shedding jobs over the past several months.

But what does Bee think is more important? A proposition that Arizona voters already said no to two years ago.

Please help us tell them to trust the people and to work on issues that are really important. Please give generously today.

Arizona - Vote No On Proposition 102 - Again!



October 8th, 2008 | LINK

Geez, Jimbo I get it! Just kidding. Thanks for reminding me, I just sent in what I could. That’s CA and now AZ, what groups are there for FL?

October 8th, 2008 | LINK

John – The two major groups fighting against Amendment 2 in Florida are: Equality Florida and Fairness For All Families.

And get this, for a $20 contribution to Fairness For All Families, you get their “Campaign Tool Kit” containing: 1 T-shirt, 5 buttons, 5 bumper stickers, 5 posters, 25 postcards and 25 palm cards!

What a deal!

I wonder if it’s too late for “No on Prop. 102” to setup a similar deal?

October 9th, 2008 | LINK

Thanks, Eddie. I went with Equality Florida since they seem to be the bigger group. Besides, while the t-shirt and stuff are nice I’d prefer what little I can donate to go directly towards defeating the amendment. Due to the 60% threshold I think we might have our best shot in Florida, though I haven’t given up hope for CA & AZ.

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