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Miami Herald Opposes Amendment 2

Timothy Kincaid

October 12th, 2008

The Miami Herald has issued an editorial encouraging a No vote on anti-gay Amendment 2. In addition to banning gay marriage in Florida, it would reverse local domestic partnership provisions that are beneficial to both gay and straight unmarried couples. Florida has a large population of senior citizens, some of whom cannot marry lest they lose essential retirement benefits but who seek pragmatic protections for their personal relationships.

This amendment is mean-spirited and misguided.

It targets gay and lesbian couples, but it would cause grief and suffering to other couples, whether they’re gay or not. That’s because of ambiguous language that says any legal union that is the ”substantial equivalent” of marriage would not be recognized.

This would jeopardize the benefits and health insurance that many companies provide to unmarried, heterosexual couples.

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October 13th, 2008 | LINK

These things are always written in a way that sounds as if they would fully back the amendment if it would simply state clearly that it will only negatively affect gay and lesbian couples.

They repeat ths over and over in many different clever ways but it always rubs me the wrong way.

It’s as if their saying, of course we ALL agree that we have to protect marriage from the homos but when straight people might become unintended casualties, then it might be problematic.

I’m really tired of being the red headed step child that society doesn’t REALLY see us as deserving of equality. I’m tired of being the Democratic parties’ dirty little secret all the while using our time, talents and treasures to win elections or blaming us when THEY are too inept to win one.

I can certainly understand why most straight peope don’t get fired up about this since it seems that the overwhelming majority of gay people don’t give a damn enough to lift a finger or write a check to support the efforts.

I find this to be most dispicable from fabulously wealthy gay celebrities who have often used their gay status and their gay fan base to propel their careers.

It’s time to give a little back.

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