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Arizona and Florida Anti-Gay Forces Sharing TV Commercials

Jim Burroway

October 19th, 2008

The video at top is the pro-Amendment 2 ad that has been unveiled for Florida. The video on the bottom is the pro-Prop 102 ad which has been running in Arizona for the past three weeks. Just for grins, click to play both of them at about the same time (as quickly in succession as you can at least) and see if you can spot the differences. There are a few, obviously reflecting the geographical and ethnic differences between the two states, but the similarities are startling.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

[Hat tip: Tucson Observer blog]



Bill S
October 19th, 2008 | LINK

wow. They’re nearly identical.

Timothy Kincaid
October 19th, 2008 | LINK

I found the difference amusing. And I suspect that if viewers in both locations saw them at once they might find the racial adjustments to be either manipulative or insulting.

October 19th, 2008 | LINK

Would it have been too obvious who made these commercials if they had photographed/filmed the couples at some Mormon Temple?

Naaaaaah. It’s still too obvious. Compare the style and production values with any Mormon PSA-type commercials and you’ll see the similarities…right down to the way they include minorities…token ones. It’s produced by the Mormons.

Then, I was surprised at the mention in the one commercial about: “no one loses benefits”.

Really? REALLY? That’s simply not true. It’s a lie. I’m calling them liars. If they feel good about these commercials I certainly hope they feel good in taking the Sacrament today.

October 19th, 2008 | LINK

Obviously a campaign illegality.

Hope someone’s doing their homework.

October 19th, 2008 | LINK

I was particularly taken with the last scene in both ads, the “families” gather together for the “wedding photograph” and it’s the same actors in the same wardrobe, taking the same poses, except in the Arizona ad they are near the desert and in the Florida ad they are by the ocean with palm trees. Did they really really film that scene on location, or is it like everything else with the pro-amendment crowd, a faked reality?

Jim Burroway
October 19th, 2008 | LINK

Someone in a private email suggested to me that the last scene under the pavilion may have been shot at Papago Park in Phoenix, with the Florida-like fauna added using digital computer effects. I’m not familiar enough with Papago Park to be able to judge this myself.

October 19th, 2008 | LINK

Amazing, but not surprised. Yes, these ads were nearly identical with the exception of changing the minorities in some of the scenes, like the black boy and black man in the kitchen scene is not in the Arizona clip.

Also, the identical piano music opening is identical in BOTH of these ads!

The mother/daughter with female in the mirror reflection are identical!

The young woman kissing the man in the foyer with the door open and a young man in a green blocked shirt waiting for her, then man and woman kiss as young girl and young man leave are identical!

Woman and girl making tortillas is identical in BOTH ads!

The man, woman and children on the beach is only in the Florida ad.

The newlyweds with the groom on the left and the bride on the right are different people and placed at different points in both ads.

And finally the “picnic” scene where the whole family is taking their picture together is the same! Note the clothing on the people is the same, the yellow balloons are the same, the kid holding the football is striking the same pose! Yes, the background looks like it’s been modified to remove those giant boulders as seen at Papago park in Phoenix (or could be South Mountain Park) were replaced with palm trees. And also in the Florida one it seems that it was cropped to remove some of the desert foliage that we see in the Arizona version!

So, yes! These are esentially the SAME ads!

Is this legal?

Anyone shown this to Kyrsten Sinema or any of the other politically knowledgable folks to see about the legality of these shenanigans!?


October 20th, 2008 | LINK

Why would it be illegal to use an ad in two different states? Is there something un-ethical about sharing an ad? The ads seem insulting to me and clearly lie (no one loses benefits…uh, yah) but illegal?, really?

October 20th, 2008 | LINK

It is illegal since at the end of each ad, lists different groups paying for the ads.

It is illegal that people who gave money to the proponents campaigns may have been bilked (billed, etc.) by the use of the same footage.

The expenditure is questionable since it raises the specter of who this ad was intended for, Arizona or Florida?

Here are just three possibilities.

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