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Cleveland Enacts Domestic Partnership Registry

Jim Burroway

December 9th, 2008

Cleveland’s city council voted 13-7 to provide a domestic partnership registry. The legislation goes to mayor Frank Jackson, who plans to sign the registry into law. It will go into effect 120 days after the mayor signs the bill. According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the vote wasn’t an easy one for several council members:

But several council members reported intense pressure from local pastors, who oppose domestic partner benefits on religious grounds. At one point Monday afternoon, a rattled Kevin Conwell, a co-sponsor of the legislation, seemed ready to change his position. “I had more than 70 calls over the weekend,” Conwell said. Conwell ultimately voted with the majority.

…Councilman Zack Reed, who voted against the registry, said he was lobbied by his pastor, the Rev. Marvin McMickle. Also voting against the registry were Councilwoman Sabra Pierce Scott, Councilman Roosevelt Coats. Pierce Scott said prior to the vote that she had concerns about how the legislation was worded. At a committee hearing, Coats cited biblical passages that he said denounce homosexuality. “Many of you may disagree,” he said. “That’s fine. These aren’t my words. These words are in the Bible.”

Cleveland’s domestic partnership registry seeks to steer clear of Ohio’s draconian constitutional amendment banning all forms of recognition for same-sex couples by being open to same-sex and opposite-sex couples.



December 10th, 2008 | LINK

The very fact that Coats cites the Bible in a discussion of civic law suggests he does not understand public reason (how do I link to wikipedia?). It has no place in public debate (as opposed to private debates within a select audience). My reaction would be: “What has a thinking mind and does not give a four-letter-word? Or as you would say, a Tetragrammaton?” (Well, the two are almost synonims).

Pastor, Rev. Edwards
April 22nd, 2009 | LINK

The debating of a couple getting married to each other is something that should have never became a voting issue. May speak of the bible without considering everyone have different beliefs Church and state should never be mixed in the first place You can not tell me the level or value of ones love no matter what sex they may be. Man does not and should not tell one who they should and cannot marry. Pastors need to pastor their churches and let the state do there jobs which is to protect the rights of its citizens. If I’m wrong correct me. We live in America the United States was and is suppose to be the land of the free (Is It!) freedom of speech and choice. If a same sex couple do marry who did it hurt sure in the hell not them they love each other. We have heterosexual couples and PASTORS who are married and many of them are divorced or there marriage is hanging on by a limb.

What I’m saying is the wedding of same sex should be allowed and if you as the pastor of that church do not agree or promote weddings like that you do not have to perform them in your building (the church is a place of worship) Ones body is the Temple where God dwells and for the pastors who do support let them have it in there church. To save a lot of problems sense it is a state and local issue just perform all the weddings in a government establishment cause if I’m right same sex couples are not attending your churches in the first place I’m sure they only go and worship in affirmative accepting churches. Personally I would only want to be under a pastor who accepts all people no matter who they may be or there lifestyle. Pastors and churches need to stop play God and let him do his work all these years he’s been doing ok with out your help. We do not have a heaven nor a hell to place anyone in just make sure its not you going where you do not want to go. We all have to live our lives as we see fit for only we (individuals) have to be and give and account not spectators! No one have the right to direct a person what to do in their life even who they can marry. Please, Please, Please mind your business and stay out of others bedroom and personal lives. I know that can sometime be hard to do… But it really works just try it… I’m a openly gay pastor as well..

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