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Prop 8 Protests Continue

Timothy Kincaid

December 21st, 2008

On Saturday, groups throughout the State of California and across the Country met again to continue the protest over Proposition 8.

Hundreds of people from San Luis Obispo and Palm Springs, to Santa Cruz and Eureka and 39 places throughout the State, carried candles in the cold to remind their neighbors that real people were hurt by this amendment and that they aren’t going away. Around the world some 400 such demonstrations were held.

Sometimes setbacks are events, singular instances which occur and which may have some short term impact on the world, some immediate response, but then they drift away. But sometimes an event is the catalyst for a movement, a special moment that resonates with a community and brings about a shift in the world and the way it operates.

It may well be that Proposition 8 is just such a situation.



December 22nd, 2008 | LINK

I made it to the SF vigil. Very cool to be there for that.

I, like you timothy, hope that this is a true change.

Regan DuCasse
December 22nd, 2008 | LINK

I missed them here in LA. My legs can’t tolerate it yet.

But I went to see “Milk” with two close friends.
What is so remarkable is that the opposition’s self righteous hypocrisy and assertions on the intentions of gay people hasn’t changed for thirty years.

I remember voting NO on 6 when I was twenty years old.
I remember my friends and I being so political and canvassing against it.

Just like I did against 22 and 8.
What memories that film brought back. Thirty years…
And the fight is still so much the same. The gatherings on dark nights when we had a statement to make, or we were remembering one so violently taken away.
Thirty years and the old guard has been replaced and reshaped with more affable and richer opponents, but their message is the same.

We’ve changed a lot too. Gay children are braver, more educated and far more open and it’s certainly through them people are learning how soon and how inherently being gay manifests.

I’ll never go away, that’s for sure.
When I ask myself why I have hung in there…thirty years…

It’s the love, baby…always the love.

btw..Harvey Milk was better looking than Sean Penn. But Penn’s job was remarkable.
I remember Milk as having a rakish charm and liking him very much.
Losing him to assassination was like losing Medgar Evers.

Yeah…JUST like that.

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