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  1. Devlin Bach
    January 13, 2009

    Unfortunately for the confusion it causes, right wing religiots hold their claim to fame by “struggling all over the place between what they think and what they know”, and getting people to buy in. This is why they are losing ground, they don’t do rational well at all. People are catching onto the hype, especially the younger generation.
    With the History and Discover Channel and the internet with all their clarifying information, people are disgusted about the right wing inconsistencies and are dropping them from party lists sending them over the edge to go be by themselves.
    The days of erroneous religious thought framed in posing and grandstanding with used car salesmen smiles, are fast coming to a close. Thank God.

  2. azpueblojim
    January 13, 2009

    I don’t get it…In the quoted text, he says he thinks the Gov’t (not the church) should recognize either gay civil unions or marriage, no matter what term is applied to it. To me, this is an amazing and courageous statement coming from someone who is still a recognizable public voice.

    So then why have you not included any quote where he supposedly later says he’s against gay marriage? Perhaps we need to know that it actually happened before we take HBO wag’s word for it?

    Call me gullible, but even recognizing all the harm Ted had done prior to his calamity, to hear him publically recognize his struggle seems like hopeful progress. As a reformed ‘closet case’ myself, I can empathize somewhat with his struggle, even if many of us for whatever reason cannot. As an opposing view to those who simply want him to ‘dry up and go away’, instead I’m hoping that he’ll continue and complete his journey to personal truth and let others see it as it happens.

  3. Ephilei
    January 14, 2009

    That sounds consistent to me. He believes marriage should be legal but not immoral. Isn’t this what marriage advocates encourage for those who won’t change their moral view?

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