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  1. Lynn David
    February 2, 2009

    Liskany got 16 years; but Bush and Cheney got pensions.

  2. Emily K
    February 2, 2009


  3. Regan DuCasse
    February 2, 2009

    Yes, from state to state the courts and legislatures in so many parts of our country have no logic.

    Let’s not forget the yet unnamed 33 year old woman here in CA who just had 8 newborns.
    Forget the risks she put herself and children in, but the fertility drugs she was issued and the doctor who allowed this were subject to liability if something had gone wrong.

    This mother has to use donated mother’s milk, she’s only got two mammaries, after all.
    She’s single, unemployed and lives with her financially strapped and already bankrupted parents and she has six children already, all seven years of age and under. One of which is autistic.

    Six young children obviously close in age, needful of attention already.
    Now, fourteen altogether.

    Oh yes…and she’s trying to extort a payday from the media because she’s ‘got all these children to take care of’.


    1. She CHOSE to have children under such circumstances so she doesn’t deserve to be given ANYTHING, not even from taxpayers by way of welfare.

    2. She’s mentally ill in some way. Obssessed with having babies with no regard for their creature or financial circumstances.
    No media person should indulge such motives to be on television.

    The disregard for children and lack of care in creating them or caring for them is appalling.
    Making the complaints for inviting children to a lesbian wedding or being taught about “King and King” so ridiculous.

    To say nothing of how many children are killed in gang warfare in any given big city in America, and how many teachers have been busted of late for having sex with their very young students?

    And what REALLY bites most of all?
    When I was about 28 years old, I sought a tubal ligation. Chemical birth control was not an option for me.
    And I didn’t think about or care if I ever got married.

    The vetting procedure at Kaiser for ligation was MONTHS long. It included lectures, psychological profiling and physical exam. As well as interview by the GYN for fitness to make the decision.
    And even after ALL that, he refused.
    To refer me as well as do it himself.

    Only by chance did I find out that another gyn in the same Kaiser clinic was willing, she’d had the procedure herself and she told me the previous doctor was unethical for not referring me to her in the first place.

    Us women who know our own minds and DON’T WANT CHILDREN are treated as if we don’t or can’t make that decision.
    Tell me WHERE is the harm in NOT having children?

    Clearly, this double standard around heterosexuals who want what THEY want and don’t care who it harms, infuriates me no end.

    The next heterosexual that bitches about ‘harm to children’ as their impetus for voting FOR Prop. 8, won’t hear the end of it from ME.

  4. Kristie
    February 2, 2009

    Ok, all of these “parents” need to be taken out in back of the courthouse and shot. Bullets are much cheaper than the the cost of keeping their worthless butts in prison for the measley sentences they recieved. I am so sick of the huge disparities in sentencing between states for things like this. Abuse of a child in any way should be considered a federal crime and it should have severe penalties that are the same in every state.

    As for the comment about the woman who had the 8 babies …UNBELIEVABLE! What doctor in his right mind would prescribe fertility medication for a woman with 6 barely-school-age children already?

    So, not only will the county (or state) surely be footing the bill for her hospital stay and that of her newborns, but they will also end up paying for them to live as she has no means of support and there is no father in the picture apparently.

    It just astounds me that there are so many people out there that want children and are emotionally/financially prepared to care for them, but they are denied that chance or they are put in a position where it’s made nearly impossible for them to be parents, but any two morons that can insert tab A into slot B can have a kid and spend years screwing them up and no one says boo!

    People like this give the rest of us straights a bad name!

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