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Heterosexual Menace: “Life Is Short. Have An Affair.”

Jim Burroway

February 3rd, 2009

A pitch for adultery found a home in Houston, where local television stations aired a commercial for, an online dating service for married people looking for outside lovers.

Even though heterosexuals like to talk a blue streak about the virtues of monogamy, the Toronto-based dating service — their tagline is “Life is short. Have an affair.” — signed up a quarter-million members in the past few months. Maybe those quarter-million new members were drawn by’s Have-an-affair-or-your-money-back guarantee.

Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are’s fastest-growing markets. Even though the ad had been banned from national broadcast by the NFL and NBC, Houston’s KPRC elected to show it.

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Hey, at least they didn’t interrupt their broadcast with straight porn with full frontal male nudity (NSFW).

There’s more heterosexual outrage here and in our report, “The Heterosexual Agenda: Exposing the Myths.”



Emily K
February 3rd, 2009 | LINK

Outrageous. When will these hets learn that you can truly be happy with a monogamous life partner?

February 3rd, 2009 | LINK

I love the tagline under the name of the site, “When divorce isn’t an option.” So, if you feel divorce would be wrong you should just break your vows, lie and cheat instead because that is so much better than *gasp* a divorce?

This is just sick and pathetic and also tacky! All the people that oppose gay marriage should take a long hard look at straight marriage and see that what they are “protecting” from gays would be better protected from straights! Between this organized infidelity, Brittany Spears’ 10 hour marriages, and the numerous cases of “serial matrimony” in this country there is nothing gays could do to marriage that we haven’t already done to screw it up!


February 7th, 2009 | LINK

And these “people” have the nerve to claim that gays are incapable of fidelity?

Jason D
February 7th, 2009 | LINK

“when divorce is not CONVENIENT” is more like it.

I remember finding out about this site, and another just like it a few years back. Ended up reading some “testimonial” from a guy trying to rationalize his infidelity. His main points were 1) He didn’t want to “abandon” his family, and 2)He deserved to have love and happiness in his life. In his attempt to paint himself as some noble victim he seemed to miss some things. Such as the fact that betrayal, and the amount of lying, time, and money spent on a mistress are pretty much the same if not WORSE than outright abandoning his wife and kids. Not to mention the fact that he’s clearly cares more about his own happiness than that of his wife and kids. Quite the gentlemen.

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