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Rainbow Lounge Investigation Reveals 19 State Policy Violations

Jim Burroway

August 6th, 2009

The Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission has released the results of its internal affairs investigaton on the June 28 Rainbow Lounge raid in Ft. Worth, Texas. That report finds that two TABC agents and their supervisor committed a total of 19 policy violations during that raid. The Dallas Voice has the details:

Violations committed by the two agents include participating in a joint operation with Fort Worth police without approval from a supervisor; failing to submit a complaint card against the Rainbow Lounge; conducting bar inspections in unapproved attire; failing to follow bar inspection procedures; failing to report the use of force and injuries involving Chad Gibson, a Rainbow Lounge patron who sustained serious head injuries; and disrupting business during a bar inspection.

The violations committed by [Sgt. Terry] Parsons, who was not at the scene of the raid and has since reportedly retired form the agency, involve failing to take appropriate action against Aller and Chapman; failing to ensure Aller and Chapman filed the necessary reports; and failing to notify the sergeant\’s supervisors of the raid.

The Dallas Voice has the full TABC press release.



Richard W. Fitch
August 6th, 2009 | LINK

TABC Report On Raid Shows Policies Were Violated

The report says TABC agent Christopher Aller admitted to violating some policy issues when entering the bar with another agent-in-training and Fort Worth police officers, but the five-year veteran said he didn’t violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

Aller said, “Nobody was abused, violated. We weren’t there because of their sexual orientation. I’m very apathetic. I could care less.”

Aller went on to say he hopes he doesn’t become the scapegoat for the incident.

It appears that Mr. Aller is ‘apathetic’ involving many issues:
1) Failure to remain at a special event assignment for his shift.
2) Failure to change from his uniform to business attire for the ‘inspection’.
3) Failure to submit the proper paper work to his supervisor prior to the ‘inspection’.
4) Failure to file the required reports regarding multiple arrests and injuries sustained during the ‘inspection’.
These are part of the things Aller “could care less about”.
You can read the full TABC report here:

David C.
August 6th, 2009 | LINK

Let’s see how Mr. Aller’s “apathy” holds up when he is making regular visits to the unemployment office, is passed over for a promotion, or gets a sub-par performance evaluation.

If an individual has this kind of attitude towards their work, he or she has no business in law enforcement.

Sounds like some house-cleaning at TABC is in order, and perhaps even way past due.

Richard W. Fitch
August 6th, 2009 | LINK

For those who may not have been following this set events from the beginning (Sun 6/28), it may be useful to know that TABC is not held in very high esteem. Both citizens and members of the Texas legislature repeatedly have called for the agency to be disbanded due in large part to repeated disregard of its own policies. This may just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Not only Aller, but all his associates, up thru and including the commissioner, may soon be scrounging for honest work.

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