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Bill Clinton Shifts on Marriage Equality

Timothy Kincaid

September 25th, 2009

Former President Bill Clinton has taped a discussion with Anderson Cooper which will run tonight in which he explains his shift on same-sex marriage.

While the endorsement certainly could have been more stirring, let’s welcome this influential voice into the marriage equality camp.



September 25th, 2009 | LINK

I wish people would stop letting the former president get away with characterizing his position as one of “support”. The states’ rights argument is an evasion of the issue because the vast majority of rights and responsibilities accrue from federal recognition of marriage rights for same-sex couples. Bill Clinton’s “changed” position is no different from John McCain’s position during the election campaign. We should not allow Clinton to rehabilitate his public image in this way!

Richard W. Fitch
September 25th, 2009 | LINK

With all due respect to “States Rights”, who gives a fig??? Until DOMA (and DADT) are incinerated, the patchwork of civil rights for LGBT is grossly shredded.

Timothy Kincaid
September 25th, 2009 | LINK


Bill Clinton’s “changed” position is no different from John McCain’s position during the election campaign.

Well it certainly doesn’t seem to be significantly different, at least from a policy point of view.

Emily K
September 25th, 2009 | LINK

I agree. Until DOMA is gone, the “conservative” argument for states rights is meaningless. States rights on that issue have already been obliterated by the Federal law.

September 25th, 2009 | LINK

This statement may represent progress on his part, but it still falls short.

If states rights and religious leaders should be the primary determinants of marriage, does Bill believe the Supreme Court overstepped its bounds with the Loving v. Virginia decision?

And, what about federal recognition? Is he suggesting that we should wait however many decades it takes for ALL states to recognize our marriages and families independently?

September 25th, 2009 | LINK

Ok Willy, get up to Maine and stop Issue 1. Then maybe I’ll welcome you into the “family”

September 25th, 2009 | LINK

For me this is too little too late.

September 26th, 2009 | LINK

Tepid at best. Always cautious, Bill

September 26th, 2009 | LINK

Bill is still behind even DOMA’s original architect, Bob Barr on this issue.

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