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Army Secretary: Repealling DADT Would Not Cause Major Turmoil

Jim Burroway

October 26th, 2009

Army Sec. John McHughArmy Secretary John McHugh sees part of his job as finding problems and getting out in front of them. “Good news,” he told the Army Times, “will take care of itself. The challenge is to get out in front of the things that are not so good.”

And there is much that is not so good. Two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan mean that the army is heavily stressed. It’s a difficult task to fight one asymetrical war, let along two. There are differing opinions on troop deployments, strategies, and how many troops are actually needed. But of all the things that he is clearly worried about, repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell really isn’t a big deal:

When asked specifically if lifting the gay ban would seriously disrupt the military, as predicted by those who oppose repeal, McHugh said there is no reason to think major turmoil would ensue.

“Anytime you have a broad-based policy change, there are challenges to that,” he said. “The Army has a big history of taking on similar issues, [with] predictions of doom and gloom that did not play out,” he said.

He does however raise this disturbing possibility:

It\’s possible, for example, that homosexuals could be allowed into some occupations or units but barred from others, McHugh said, stressing that he was not aware of any such plans but only discussing how the issue might play out.

“I don\’t want to prejudge the situation,” he said. “I am saying if he did that, it would be my job to explain it when the appropriate time comes.”



October 26th, 2009 | LINK

That ‘disturbing possibility’ needs to be met head on, too.

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