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  1. Christopher Waldrop
    November 4, 2009

    I think what frightens some opponents of same sex marriage is the fact that “married gays aren’t so very different from married straights”, which is why many states have passed preemptive laws preventing the legalization of same-sex marriage. And yet even in places with legal roadblocks there will still be same-sex couples who, I think, will set an example. My hope is that familiarity won’t breed contempt–that it’ll really have the opposite effect. I don’t believe the rights of same-sex couples–or anyone, for that matter–should be determined at the ballot box, but if it’s going to be I think the visibility of same-sex couples could be a big factor in turning the tide.

  2. Cole
    November 4, 2009

    Gay couples are not the same as heterosexual couples. First of all, gay couples earn less than heterosexual couples even though gay couples tend to be better educated and have both partners work jobs. DISCRIMINATION. Gay couples are being discriminated against in pay. Second of all, gay couples are more likely to stay together even though gay couples have less children (which increases the likelyhood a couple stays together). On a side note gay couples are less likely to use corporal punishment on their children than heterosexual couples. Third, there is next to zero research on how gay couples can make their relationships more successful while heterosexuals have mountains of data to look at. Fourth, gay couples do NOT have the social support heterosexual couples do by a mile, just look at these heterosexual-only marriage campaigns that terrorize and libel gay people. Lastly, gay couples do NOT have the ability to move freely because of dangers heterosexual criminals present.

  3. Vice
    November 18, 2009

    In a country as free as ours why does it matter what orientation a person is? By the time my generatio is out of school homosexuality will accepted by most of society.It has already started. . .

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