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  1. John
    January 9, 2010

    I think it is unlikely she left the country. Most custody cases that involve parents taking children out of the country involve parents with an international connection. Unless Ms. Miller had dual citizenship or some family support in another country, it seems unlikely to be a very attractive alternative to hiding in the US, a country where she could more easily blend in.

    Further, Americans cannot just live indefinitely in other countries. Visa’s expire. People require work permits. Being an illegal alien is difficult in any country.

    Time will tell. I do hope that Ms. Miller and the child are found, the sooner the better.

  2. Timothy Kincaid
    January 9, 2010

    Please. This is getting excruciating.

    No more arguing about who started what and who is really the bigot. No more assumptions about others’ motivations or what they wish.

  3. Jason D
    January 9, 2010

    “I disagree. We don’t randomly question people in a free society, simply because we don’t like the group of people that they hang with.”

    George, I know you’re having fun fighting with priya, but WHAT Random people? Debbie Thurman isn’t random, neither are Lisa’s Lawyers, officials where Isabella was attending school, etc. Which people qualify as “random” in your estimation? All the names and people being tossed out have a connection to Lisa and or Isabella. It would be poor policework not to attempt to talk to everyone who’s had contact with them in the past 6 months or so.

    And leaving the country seems kind of a stretch, too. A few basics get in the way.


    From what I gather, Lisa had no money and no job during the course of this trial. Wherever she’s gone, she’s likely to need a job and very quickly.

    It’s rather difficult to just “disappear” anymore, not with technology and virtually everything we do leaving some sort of footprint behind.

  4. Rebecca
    January 10, 2010

    “she disappeared in September? do you have information we don’t? Her last know communication was in December.”

    The original post said they questioned neighbors and they claimed the house was empty since September. So either they are all in a conspiracy to lie for her or she left to go somewhere else (whether out of the country, or another part of the US) over 3 months ago.

    Personally after everything I’ve read about this case I can’t stand either Ms. Miller or Ms. Jenkins. I’m not sure whose side that puts me on. This whole thing is a mess. Isabella’s life has been horrifically screwed up no matter what the end result is.

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