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Another Conservative for Gay Marriage

Jim Burroway

January 29th, 2010

This time, it’s Don Imus on Fox Business:

YouTube Preview Image



January 29th, 2010 | LINK

good on Imus for having this on his show!

Audrey the Liberal
January 29th, 2010 | LINK

I’m so conservative that I approve of San Francisco City Hall marriages, adoption by same-sex couples, and New Hampshire’s recently ordained Episcopal bishop. Gays want to get married, have children, and go to church. Next they’ll be advocating school vouchers, boycotting HBO, and voting Republican.-P.J.O’Rourke

Richard Rush
January 29th, 2010 | LINK

This is for Ray who, in a comment on another posting, expressed his great joy that the video was closed-captioned. So I thought I’d mention that this one is not. I know this is not a BTB issue but just wanted to mention it anyway.

I’m thinking closed-captioning should become required under the ADA laws.

January 29th, 2010 | LINK

The quote from P.J. O’Rourke is dead-on. I refuse to join any political party, but I’m basically a moderate who would probably vote for Republicans around 35-50% of the time…if they didn’t constantly use homophobia and other manifestations of redneck bullshit to win votes.

I think the GOP is wasting a lot of support from gays by constantly attacking us.

January 30th, 2010 | LINK

Having listened to Don Imus over the years, I do not see him as any big conservative. He has supported many liberal causes and been very gracious to liberal folks on his programs. I would suspect he is an independent voter and not what one would think of as a conservative. I wonder if Jim B has ever listened to Don on a consistent basis. The fact that he is now on Fox Business news does not make him conservative. Fox news has several liberal commentators, Juan Williams being among the most noted.

January 31st, 2010 | LINK

Thank you Richard. I appreciated your sensitivity and that of BTB as well. I certainly do understand that the task of getting captioning rolling is an enormous one and that small sites like BTB cannot be saddled with resolving that problem. What distinguishes BTB from virtually all other sites is that when they incorporate a video into their site, it is always accompanied with an explanation, a story, a dialog that helps me at least understand the context of the video.

Ordinarily, commentators simply slap up a video, give it a title like, “EVERYONE Should Know About This” and provide absolutely no clue as to the content of the video.

I often read the comments people post in response that that kind thing to see if they can provide insight into the video.

Many don’t. Here’s a typical set of comments to a hypothetical video titled “EVERYONE Should Know About This”

Person 1: Thanks for that.
Person 2: What was the thing about the police?
Person 3: That wasn’t the police. It was a security guard.
Person 4: That was sooo awesome. Hope Rachael does a story about this.
Person 5: I was at the scene that day and that happened to me too right after the first guy got it.

Anyway, I’m very thankful for BTB’s thoughtful remarks that at least give me a foot in the door. I just try to raise awareness when I have the opportunity and it’s nice to know that someone listens.

Vincent Pinson
February 11th, 2010 | LINK

Don Imus a conservative? Since when?

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