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Janet Jenkins tells her story on Nightline

Timothy Kincaid

January 29th, 2010

Janet Jenkins went on Nightline last night to tell her story and appeal to the public to help her find her daughter.

“My goal has never been to separate Isabella from her other mother, Lisa,” said Jenkins. “I just want what is best for our child, and that is to know both of her parents.”



Regan DuCasse
January 29th, 2010 | LINK

Peter Spriggs should be ashamed of himself.
He actually said of Janet Jenkins “she should learn to just let it go.”


What. The. Fu*K???!!!

Lisa Miller isn’t immortal. She could become ill, have an accident or lose a job.
And Isabella’s ONLY other parent who CARES about her, is supposed to ‘just let it go…”???!!!

If Janet were a man, regardless of biological tethers, but who showed THIS much commitment and willingness and love for the child ANYWAY, he’d be applauding Janet’s fight for Isabella.

My brother is married to an Asian woman, years his senior who had four children from a previous marriage.

They have none together biologically.
My brother has no biological connection to those children.
But he sure as hell is their FATHER.
And has been now for nearly 20 years.

This case, and how the ex gay movement, anti gay and so on exploit it by harping on the ‘non biological’ aspect makes me so sick.
It’s so cruel to say that as if adults who pledge and promise to love and see to the welfare of the child they choose to doesn’t matter just because the bio mom says so.

Like I said, if Janet Jenkins had been a hetero man, she’d have been applauded. Because from what I can see, Isabella HAS no other parents stepping up like Jenkins!

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