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CNN’s Kyra Phillips: ‘Homosexuality: Is It A Problem In Need of a Cure?’

Jim Burroway

April 6th, 2010

This came in from Andy Towle:

CNN’s Kyra Phillips just ran a repulsive and shockingly irresponsible segment on Lowenthal’s efforts in which she asked, “Homosexuality —Is it a problem in need of a cure?” 

She then brought on crackpot “ex-gay” Richard Cohen, spewing lies about how people can change their sexuality and become straight, with nobody to rebut his disproven arguments.

For background, CNN’s blog posted this:

California has a law that requires doctors to look into “the causes and cures of homosexuality.” The law was established in 1950, part of harsher laws to crack down on sex offenders. Today a California Public Assembly Committee will vote on whether to abolish it.

At 10:40 we’ll talk with the State Assemblywoman who’s heading up the repeal effort. We’ll also talke [sic] with a leading expert on sexual reorientation, who was gay but is now married to a woman and has 3 kids.

Cohen is the ex-gay “therapist” who was eviscerated last fall by Rachel Maddow for his organizations participation in the Uganda anti-gay conference which led to the introduction of the proposed death penalty for LGBT people under certain circumstances. On March 23, 2002, Richard Cohen was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association for multiple ethical violations. CNN’s “expert” on curing homosexuality now practices as an unregulated “coach,” where he sells “certification” for treating homosexuality from his web site.

In 2006, he accomplished the rather remarkable feat of embarrassing the entire ex-gay movement when he demonstrated his unorthodox “holding” technique for “curing” gay people with CNN’s Paula Zahn. He compounded that embarrassment by appearing on the Daily Show six months later to demonsrate the same techniques. 

This latest debacle was prompted by the discovery that buried deep within California’s massive Welfare and Institutions Code is a 1967 provision that charges the department of Mental Health with the task of conducting research on “the causes and cures of homosexuality.” California assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal has introduced a bill to remove it from the books. It’s unconscionable for CNN to turn to Cohen as an “expert” in curing homosexuality, and its doubly unconscionable to compound that error by not having a reputable spokesperson to rebut Cohen’s wild claims.



Maurice Lacunza
April 6th, 2010 | LINK

Rachel Maddow was incredible with the interview with Cohen. It is worth watching all 7 minutes. That seems like a long interview, but well worth the journey.

Maurice Lacunza
April 6th, 2010 | LINK

This is part two of the Maddow interview. This is the one to watch.

April 6th, 2010 | LINK

Looks like another crack pot on the loose. When are these dumb people going to relize that we are born this way.. The same way they are born hetrosexual. Bunch of fools and idiots.

Lynn David
April 6th, 2010 | LINK

CNN seems to be trying to outdo the BBC.

On the other hand doing it with Cohen is like hoping to fail in the first place.

April 7th, 2010 | LINK

Let’s see if CNN and Kyra Phillips will now do “the rest of the story”?

April 7th, 2010 | LINK

Factually, the American Psychiatric Association did determine years ago that Gays do not have mental disorders. They also more recently determined that the practice of attempting to “heal” Gays was uncuccessful and potentially damaging. This is fact.

Perhaps Kyra Phyllips and CNN might care to have one of their representatives on her segments to broadcast a Professional opinion, in order to balance the comments of the Non-Professional “ex-gay” Richard Cohen.

Leave your requests to Kyra Phyllips here:

April 10th, 2010 | LINK

Here’s the video of the original interview. I swear… any time Cohen gets on TV he has the goofiest grin on his face. And he’s always telling you just how fulfilled (heterosexually charged) his life is.

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