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When ADF speaks of children, who do they mean?

Timothy Kincaid

June 16th, 2010

The Christian Post has an article up today quoting supporters of Proposition 8. (I guess the millions of Christians who opposed Prop 8 were all unavailable today, but I digress):

“More than 7 million Californians decided that marriage should be preserved, not fundamentally changed,” said Brian Raum, senior counsel at Alliance Defense Fund. “If a handful of activists is allowed to void a constitutional amendment protecting marriage, we have gutted the core of the American democratic system and will deny more children the mom and the dad they deserve.”

This certainly isn’t the first time the “deny the children” argument has be thrown around. Actually, we hear it quit regularly. But today I got to pondering just how extremely stupid (and contrary to orthodox Christianity) this who notion is.

Who, exactly, are these children that are being denied a mom and a dad?

Is there some great kid factory out there that is sending kids off to gay couples instead of the “mom and dad they deserve?” Does Brian Raum think that if only there were no gay couples then the stork would deliver their kids to straight couples?

OK, so some children of gay parents are adopted. But doesn’t he know that without deliberate effort on the part of these same-sex couples to conceive that many of these kids would not only be “denied” a mom and a dad but they would be denied existence altogether.

Or perhaps ADF is either appealing for Mormon support by fully buying in to Mormon theology. Perhaps he believes that it is spirit children who pre-existed in Heaven that are being denied heterosexual parents.

Or, most likely, he is just repeating a really stupid catch phrase which only appeals to those who don’t have the capacity to think outside of what anti-gay activists tell them.



June 16th, 2010 | LINK

Just a transformation from that focus group finding that people are easily invigorated when “children” are mentioned in the context of gay and lesbians.

It’s not supposed to be logical when it arises from emotion.

June 16th, 2010 | LINK

I had not thought of the LDS angle, but you are right. We deny those children the right to be born if we don’t enter sham hetero marriages. Maybe the Mormons should stop baptizing the dead and have a new policy of baptizing the unborn.

June 16th, 2010 | LINK

Maybe the hetero moms and dads should quit aborting the millions of children they concieve and then they’d be too busy to worry about a few gays marrying and then adopting kids.

“That’s right, we’ll have unprotected sex and abort millions a year, because after all, there’s plenty more where those came from. We’d rather toss ’em in the trash than let you fags adopt ’em.”

& God bless the sanctity of the traditional family!

June 16th, 2010 | LINK

The ADF pandering to the Mormons….Oh please. The Mormons march to their own leader with no care to anyone but themselves on this marriage debate.

When I was that “spirit child” in the pre-existence I made sure I was foreordained to be a homosexual. I made sure of it, I’m sure. I didn’t want any kind of easy life in this mortal existence. I wanted a challenge. In fact, I’m not going to be any other way in the next existence.

In Mormon theology, single members who never found their mate on Earth will be given a chance in that interim between death and the big ascension into Heaven to find their mate. That’s the time when I will find my Mr. Right.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll be gay in the next life. Blow that up your horn Angel Moroni.

And, Candace, I have to ask: Did you use any sunblock when you walked past the Mormon Temple near where you live? All that radiant light and radiating goodness might give you a sunburn.


June 16th, 2010 | LINK

I think Pepto Bismol would be more appropriate than sunblock….

If Mormon men can just have 20 wives and make zillions of sperm spirit babies, they can be the god of their own world, just like Adam became a god. “As man is, god once was and as god is, man may become.” And this is the planet Kobol, don’t forget that.

It almost makes Scientology sound sane. Almost.

June 17th, 2010 | LINK

damn! Those people always know the greatest punch line for a joke :D

“…and will deny more children the mom and the dad they deserve.”

Sheesh…..not all children who have mom and dad are happy :-|

Ben in Oakland
June 17th, 2010 | LINK

I’m not supposed to be writing today. don’t tell my husband.

There is only one reason that I can see why they always start screaming: “The Chilluns! The Chilluns. Won’t no one think of the poor, innocent chilluns?” It is not just the obvious reason: to excite fear and hatred in the ignorant. It is also to excite fear and hatred in those who do not need ignorance as an excuse. They already know the who they don’t like and that is what matters.

They did it with black people. They did it with Jews.

Rob San Diego
June 17th, 2010 | LINK

He expects that gays and lesbians will stay in the closet and live out false unhappy lives as pretend heterosexuals. Ya we’ve seen what happens to our elected officials when they try and achieve such pureness of heterosexuality. Think about those kids who were hurt because one of their parents was forced into a lifestyle that they do not choose.

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