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Heterosexual menace: pastor – son love triangle and murder

Timothy Kincaid

June 20th, 2010

Things are not going well for the good people of First New Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Houston. First their church building mysteriously burnt down and then there were some rather peculiar allegations against their pastor (Houston Chronicle)

The son of a Houston minister told Harris County sheriff’s detectives he was paid to kill his father’s wife last month, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Pastor Tracy Bernard “T.B.” Burleson, 44, and his son, William Darnnell Fuller, 20 — both jailed without bail on charges of murder — also were having romantic relationships with the same woman, who is accused of trying to burn the murder weapon, according to detectives and court documents.

Both men are charged in the May 18 shooting death of Pauletta Ross Burleson, 56, at the family’s home in north central Harris County. The men’s romantic interest, Tyonne Marie Palmer-Pollard, 31, is charged with tampering with evidence.

Can you imagine the glee with which The Peter would leap on this story if any of the participants were gay?



Regan DuCasse
June 20th, 2010 | LINK

Oh, not just him. Every known anti gay commenter, which is half of them, over at TownHall would have a field day.
The pickin’s have been slim anyway. The won’t let the Jesse Dirkishing story go, and blame gay people for the lack of coverage compared to Matt S. Problem with that case is several reasons:

1. It involved a juvenile from a dysfunctional family. THEY didn’t cooperate with the media, and when kids are involved, members close to the case are gagged.

The biggest TownHall wag, Mike Adams (a criminologist prof no less). Went on about THIS case…
2. The case involving a Duke University assistant professor and his partner and the child they adopted.

Adams keeps repeating this story, as do those who comment on the thread, of course as if representative of what happens if ANY gay men are around children. And again, Adams inferred a conspiracy to cover up this case.

However, there was the inconvenient scandal of a Regent University (yes, the school founded by Pat Robertson) assist dean AND his wife, brutally sexually abusing their THREE adopted daughters. And it was only on the local news, but conviction occurred recently this year.
And nothing, nothing was reported in any conservative media that we know of.

Now, far be it from us, to suggest or infer that because heterosexuals abuse children (sometimes their own), and murder them too, that ALL heterosexuals should be carefully investigated, screened and educated on children before they become parents…let alone, MARRIED.

Far be it from anyone in the mainstream media to even suggest, that the reason crimes committed by gay people to the extent of such violence and abuse isn’t reported so much, is because it’s rare.

And far be it from anyone to suggest that heterosexuals committing it, isn’t covered enough, because there aren’t enough reporters to do it, it’s so extensive.

This is why I get so infuriated and frustrated at the very people making claims of ‘protecting children’ aren’t interested in ALL adults who are abusers.
They aren’t interested in profiling them, or engaging even CMEC (Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to know what the typical abuser is really like.

A so called criminologist like Mike Adams, did a HUGE disservice and was unethical to foster such bias in his reporting on who abuses children and in what way.
He was unworthy of his university teaching position, and no intelligent law enforcer could EVER consult with him or tap his expertise.

He has the mentality of a Jim Crow state sheriff. Convinced that all black men have unnatural sexual attraction to white women, and not any more restraint than a chimp and worked to assure the public that each black man was guilty, with no evidence, or due process.

A criminologist should concern themselves with the forensics (truth seeking) of a case, and personal opinions remain neutral as evidence warrants.
That guy is a nightmare for sex abuse profilers everywhere.

And in a former Jim Crow state like North Carolina…he’s maintaining and terrible legacy, only he’s smearing another minority to do it.

It might interest you all to know, that Essence magazine, a black woman’s fashion and culture mag, has twice in the last few years, had articles about black ministers who abuse the females in their congregations.
There have been some pretty potent scandals around mistresses and paying for luxuries for them.

Or who are physically abusive to their wives and children.
In a way, there is the power and material comfort that tempts seduction, either way.
And in a predominantly black neighborhood, the ‘man shortage’ exacerbates that.

Sorry this is so long, but this reminded me of stuff I’ve read about for years…and that straight folks got a lot of dirty laundry out on the line.

June 20th, 2010 | LINK

Why would the little fact of their heterosexuality get in the way of LaBarbara blaming this on gay people or claiming that the culprits were, if fact, gay?

That wouldn’t be unusual for LaBarbara at all.

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