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SC Baptists confirmed their opposition to your immoral behavior and deviant lifestyle

Timothy Kincaid

November 18th, 2010

Just in case you were wondering, the Southern Baptists in South Carolina want to make it perfectly clear that they ain’t like those homo-lovin’ Lutherans. In their state convention they voted on a resolution to remind us – in case we forgot or were confused – that they don’t like Teh Ghey so much. (Greenville online)

The resolution on “homosexuality and religious liberty” noted the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religious expression, “including speech pertaining to social and religious values.” It said Christians “must also use our freedoms to defend traditional marriage, protect the sanctity of human life, and combat the propagation of immoral behavior and deviant lifestyles.”

And they aren’t in confusion about what message they are sending.

“Southern Baptists and other evangelical Christians have been portrayed by the media as intolerant or dangerous because of our commitment to Christ and our belief in biblical precepts,” it said.

Yep. I’d say that pretty much covers it. Intolerant and actively endangering the lives of children who grow up hearing them spew their bile.



November 18th, 2010 | LINK

“actively endangering the lives of children who grow up hearing them spew their bile.”

One time I grew annoyed with someone in a debate online and asked them how a child being dragged to a church on a regular basis by their parents were they’re told their ‘sinful’, ‘immoral’, ‘wrong’, ‘deviant’ and all kinds of other insults doesn’t hurt their self-esteeem. Asked if their might be a connection between suicide and being told the only way they can ever be good moral people is to be straight.

He refused to respond to any more of my posts.

November 18th, 2010 | LINK

Southern Baptist by trying to force their understanding of gender and sexual orientation issues on everyone are in violation of soul liberty which is one of the important Baptist distinctives.

Soul Liberty is the belief that everyone has the responsibility and privilege to live according to her/his conscience. Neither Pope, Pastor, Church, or Government may force anyone to violate their conscience.

You can learn about soul liberty here:


November 19th, 2010 | LINK

One of the many reasons that I left the Greenville, SC area in 1980 and never looked back. They’re all Xtian nutters there.

November 19th, 2010 | LINK

When James Petigru, a Unionist politician, heard that his native state had seceded from the Union in December of 1860 he quipped, “South Carolina is too small to be a republic and too large to be an insane asylum.”

Some things haven’t changed.

Mike Camardelle
November 19th, 2010 | LINK

I’m so thankful and blessed that I can spread the good news of Christ’s love for all of humanity through my Episcopal Church, St. James’, here in Jackson, MS.

My partner and I are able to worship with all in our congregation, and we are loved warmly and affectionately along with a large number of the LGBT community.

Sadly, I continue to find those who’ve been told they’re not good enough for a particular church or faith. And yes, there is a relationship to the LGBT teen and young adult suicides to the filth spewed from pulpits around the US as well as the parents who believe such teachings and force their children from their own homes.

Rev Ray neal
November 19th, 2010 | LINK

Love the insane asylum quote! I had forgotten that one!

Being raised Southern Baptist there never was a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t a sinner because of my sexuality. I knew as early as ten years old that I liked other boys and I knew that made me a ‘homosexual’ and that because of that I was going to hell according to my religious teachers.

That was a lot of negativity for a young boy to take and hard to feel good about yourself. When I went to seminary as a married young man I discovered that God loved me just the way God had created me. I learned that at a Southern Baptist seminary of all places.

I am now a pastor in the Metropolitan Community Churches, the LGBT denomination. My partner and I live a great life together without fear of being sent to hell, even though his Southern Baptist mother still tells him the same crap I got as a child.

She tells him he can’t be saved and go to heaven if he is a homosexual, even though Southern Baptists teach ‘once saved, always saved’ also a primary tenet of their faith, but in the case of LGBT persons, one they apparently suspend. They say things like, “If you are a homosexual then you must be mistaken about your salvation because you can’t be saved and gay at the same time.” More crap.

Regan DuCasse
November 19th, 2010 | LINK

This has absolutely nothing to do with religious freedom or expression.
But everything to do with maintaining values that have in the past for the SB and others who CHOOSE their religious affiliation, to deny the humanity, needs and responsibilities of other citizens.

Full equality for gay people doesn’t compromise anyone’s choice of religion OR how it’s expressed.
That expression will ALWAYS have limits when it comes to limiting what another citizen MUST do equally.
Our nation, maintains secular laws, because someone’s religious belief, will collide with someone else’s.

That’s why, although many religions forbid it, contraception is legal, free and a matter of individual choice to use and obtain.
Same goes for other medical interventions, food intake and certain methods of wearing clothing.

NO citizen is required to adhere to, or be restricted by another’s religious beliefs because one’s religion is STRICTLY a choice in our country.
No religious laws are enforced, therefore it’s ALWAYS been inappropriate to enforce them, not only on a single segment of society, but against anyone who doesn’t even choose that religion!

How is it that EVERY law of the Constitution is broken against gays and lesbians?
Even protection from tyranny by a majority?
Even religious law is broken against them too.

I was watching an article on television about Ruby Bridges, a 1st grader who was the first (and only) black child to integrate a major school in New Orleans.
So many people pulled their kids out of school, she ended up going by herself.
Accompanied every day by federal marshalls, who walked her past a gauntlet of jeering, angry and intensely vicious crowd.
MANY of whom, were waving and pointing at BIBLES.
During the Civil Rights movement, many legislators, senators (like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond), waved Bibles in the halls of government to justify Jim Crow.
There were more than enough SB’s who also supported Jim Crow unabashedly, with the same fervor we’re seeing now.
Mixing the races was immoral because blacks were immoral.

This is utterly consistent, what the SB’s support and how they will support it.
Not only with gay issues but issues concerning women and blacks too.

That Bible is a worn piece of news. And in some hands, as destructive as a hydrogen bomb.
And history has shown, and proven…that BECAUSE those Bibles have been waved to justify the worst of human rights abuses in America, it’s usage in THIS case deserves to be shunned as well.

But I think only those of us who know that history, and are smart enough to place it in it’s proper context and our society’s progression will see that.

That’s why I’ve asked the question over and over…since WHEN has equality and justice, EVER been a bad thing?
Not only for those minorities previously without it, but also for those who have benefited the most from it?

November 19th, 2010 | LINK

So says a church founded to support slavery…

November 20th, 2010 | LINK

@homer- They confidently know who their inferiors are.

Mark F.
November 21st, 2010 | LINK

As Homer points out, it should be noted that the Southern Baptists broke off from the “Northern” Baptists because they thought slavery was OK.

November 26th, 2010 | LINK

Unfortunately, the link to the story is bad, because the paper now requires a paid subscription to read the bloody thing.

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