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DADT Repeal Getting Caught Up In Gamesmanship

Jim Burroway

December 8th, 2010

This analysis from TPM illustrates the tensions between Reid and Collins:

“I’ve been pleading with Senator Reid, don’t hold a vote on the defense authorization bill, the repeal of DADT, until we have a good opportunity to work out a fair process for the consideration bill with Senator Collins and some of the other Republican,” said Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) this afternoon after a Dem caucus meeting. “Senator Collins really wants to vote for the bill with the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and Senator Scott Brown is the same and I think there may be at least one other Republican Senator to make that clear today.”

That third Republican has since been revealed as Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

…From Reid’s point of view the math is two-dimensional. By calling the vote, and leaking to the press, he ups the pressure on Collins to make a decision — and quickly. At the same time, he creates a focal point for liberal animus if the Senate fails to pass repeal before this Congress comes to an end and with it hope for a legislative solution to DADT. That’s not helpful to Lieberman, who wants to keep negotiations fluid, egos unbruised and the bill alive.

It’s not the policy they’re arguing over. It’s all about how they will spin the blame if it goes down in defeat.



December 9th, 2010 | LINK

It would appear that Collins has at last articulated her objections. It’s the 10-4 plan.

Ten amendments and four days of “debate”:

December 9th, 2010 | LINK

Senators Defy American People / Have Priorities Exactly Backwards!

“Make the Rich Richer instead of Making America Secure”?

Dear Senator ____________,

I am increasingly concerned that Senators are not paying attention to that which is truly the Will of the American People.

All polls show that Americans do not want Tax Cuts for Millionaires, and a majority of Americans do want DADT Repeal, and yet the Senate seems intent upon Defying Americans, going their own way on these issues, and in reverse order of priority.

Millionaire handouts are LAST on the priority list of any American, yet Senators deem this as #1 on their list of priorities. They are dead wrong, this is not fiscally responsible, and those voting in this manner, or holding out and letting the clock run out on DADT Repeal, will be voted out of office in the next election, I regretfully assure you.

Can highly elected Senators not do more than one thing at a time?! The Senate has had just as much “time” as has the House, which has Already Passed DADT Repeal.

Please consider your votes carefully.

We will not forget!


Email your Senators Daily until Repeal passes:

Call the Senate and Congress: (202)224-3121
*The Operator will direct you if you do not know your representative

Email The Whitehouse

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