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Pawlenty Supports De-Funding DADT’s Repeal

Jim Burroway

February 7th, 2011

Last month, Minnesota governor and prospective GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty made waves when he went on a radio program hosted by American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer — yes, that Bryan Fischer — to say that if he were elected president, Pawlenty would reinstate “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Today, Pawlenty is doubling down on that statement:

Appearing at the Family Leader’s Presidential Lecture Series in Iowa, which ThinkProgress attended, Pawlenty reiterated his argument for why the policy should not have been repealed and then, when pushed, agreed with ThinkProgress that taking away the funding “would be a reasonable step”:

YouTube Preview Image

ThinkProgress notes that just three days ago, Bryan Fischer also called on Congress to de-fund DADT’s repeal.



Rob San Diego
February 7th, 2011 | LINK

Isn’t it amazing that it costs money to end discrimination. Isn’t it amazing that it costs money to not not fire our men and women in the military?

I wonder what he will do with that money, prostitutes, drugs, kick backs to friends in big business?

Why I bet that if he were to win the presidency, he’ll slash the big government spending, but will increase the funding for routing out them evil homos who want to serve their country.

February 7th, 2011 | LINK

Isn’t Pawlenty the ‘moderate’ in the Republican field? As in THE moderate?

February 8th, 2011 | LINK

I don’t understand how one would defund the repeal of DADT. About all I could being impacted would be the training mandated for all servicemembers. That would a detriment to everyone involved, regardless of whether they were gay or straight. Yet even so, the ban would be gone so this would accomplish zilch. Of course it will never get past the Senate let alone signed into law by Obama so even if we assume that Pawlenty wins in 2012 by then the matter will be moot.

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