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  1. Tony P
    February 15, 2011

    Very interesting. I have a friend who was brought up very Italian, very Catholic. He flirted with conversion and he told me that Judaism is not so concerned with the letter of the law per se, but the intent.

  2. WMDKitty
    February 15, 2011

    Huh. It’s interesting to see how religions tackle things such as LGBT inclusivity/equality. Some embrace. Others shun. Still others find a way to compromise and accommodate both their religious needs/beliefs and an individual’s orientation.

    Of the three Abrahamic religions, I’d say that Judaism is — from the available data — the mature older brother of the trio. Still occasionally silly, tends to consider the options before acting. Shows respect for other religions, and has earned the respect it gets.

    Christianity is like a tween/young teenager, insisting that its always right and simply must have things its way or it will just die! Demands respect from EVERYONE, gives none to others.

    Islam… well… Islam is the toddler of the bunch, throwing tantrums whenever anything it doesn’t like (or approve of) happens, whether it (the disliked/unapproved thing or event) is harmful to Islam or not. Demands 100% of your attention and if you dare to look away for even a second, there’s a temper tantrum coming.


  3. EZam
    February 17, 2011

    Orthodox Jews can be as intolerant and irrational as the most fundamentalist Christians and Muslims.

    The future of the Abrahamic religions lies on their most liberal branches.

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